April 13, 2017 Delhi to Ludhiana cab

A safety checklist for hiring a cab

Planning for a weekend getaway? How about a road trip? Are bigger groups of friends and lesser cars the issue? Well, the car rental services come up with customized solutions for such plans of yours.Check out the services of taxi from Delhi to Ludhiana, Jodhpur to Mount Abu, Delhi to Shimla and much more and plan your weekend chill-pill accordingly.Of late, with the aid of mobile applications several car rental service companies have surfaced with higher market demands.Through these mobile applications, getting a cab on-the-go has come into the scene. Travelling in new cities was never as convenient as it is now, owing to the online car rental services. Well, so many car rentals, does it seem to be confusing which one you should hire from? Here, listing down a few things you need to check on while hiring a cab.

Choose the pocket saver offers

Have you ever felt that the cab service you chose burnt holes in your pockets? Compare the base fare rates for different car rentals first.The fare charts thereafter for each kilometre are also to be checked as they make the major difference in the final invoice. Often there are several promotional offers from various car rentals that help you with pretty good discounted fares. In fact, few promotional offers are so designed that availing those gets you a discount on movie tickets, flight tickets, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and much more.

Sedan or SUV choose your vehicle from the varied fleet

Nowadays, the car rental companies are grouping their fleet of vehicles into certain categories like the ‘micro’, ‘mini’, ‘X’ or ‘prime’. These categories also play a role in determining your transportation fare. Brand new sedans and SUV s are available for bigger groups whereas you can hire the smaller cabs in case the number of commuters is less.Also, in certain car rental mobile applications, there is an option for sharing your ride with other commuters. Your fare will be much less in that case. So choose your ride category wisely, as it can save on your fare as well.

Have a proper check on drivers

Considering the alarming rates of crime, it is always recommended to have a proper check about the respective driver. Though each driver undergoes a proper screening at the car rental company, yet just to be certain on your own safety, a background check is recommended. Such background checks are essential in case of outstation journeys like hiring Delhi to Ludhiana cab services. Another important thing worth considering while you hire a cab is the driving license check. No matter how much reputed the car rental company be you must check on the driver’s license while starting your trip.

Vehicle inspection is also important

Even after checking the fare rates we land up confused with so many options of car rental companies. A wise choice would be to check the condition of the cars before you hire them. Not many taxi providers have pictures of their vehicles uploaded in respective mobile applications or web portals. Once you inspect the cabs’ condition, from various car rental companies, your options narrow down as well.

So, pack your bags and live your dream road trips with safety taking the front-seat.