December 23, 2013

Accommodation for Maximum 1000 Dollars per Month

For American residents even Playa del Carmen is an astonishing travelling destination. Wondering along the old streets of this district, one can find interesting surprises. One of them is rented apartment at the total price of 300 dollars per month. The apartment is advertised in hand-writing hung on the facade of a nicely painted building. The name of the host is Olga. It is a cozy studio placed on the second floor containing a large bed, nice sitting space, modern bathroom and air-condition system. The apartment guests share a common space on the floor underneath where you can find a spacious kitchen, dining and living in usa


This apartment was cheap, but it is still not the cheapest to find in Riviera Maya. Olga is a pleasant host, but there could easily be more of such people, spread over this amazing area. If you are looking forward to living cheap abroad, this is a good deal. The apartment costs 300 dollars per month and all other expenses will add up to no more than 700 dollars. This is a modest amount. Most of people are dreaming about long-term holidays in exotic places, but the fact is that Mexico is not that far away and Playa del Carmen is one of the truly unique places. You can survive there for less than 1000 dollars per month and you will enjoy every second of it. The studio is situated between the amazing seaside and city centrum. The only thing that is difficult to comprehend is why there are not more visitors in this area: it is tropical, charming and cheap and it is a fulfillment of what can be considered every man’s dream to spend some time of their life in a coziness of exquisite environment. This text is made to assure you that your dreams about living cheap abroad can easily come true.resorts in usa


A proper question to ask at this point is how much do you spend on your regular lifestyle where you already live. You should take into account all possible expenses including rent, electricity, water, garbage, internet, cable TV, food, clothes, car, fuel… This definitely adds to far more than 1000 dollars per month. However, there are many stories about living for far less money at an interesting location. Even if you are not very modest and don’t easily give up some luxury, you can survive a month without worries for far less than 1000 dollars. We will therefore present here top four countries where you can live for less than 1000 dollars per month. In this way you will be reliably informed about possibilities for your life.


Mexico – The closest neighbor should always have the highest priority when considering living comfortably in a foreign country. Mexico is not that far away, but the lifestyle there differs significantly from that in US. We can recommend two places there: Sayulita and Playa del Carmen. The first one is situated at the Pacific coast, while the other one is on the banks of the Caribbean Sea. It was easy to find appropriate accommodation in both towns for the price less than 500 dollars. That includes rent for a modern and cozy apartment within the walking distance from the coast. Other living expenses in Mexico are ridiculously small: food, transportation, sport or cultural life. It all sums up to not more than 800 dollars per month and you don’t need to cut any of your regular expenses.mexico tour


India – Our first suggestion in India would be a tiny village called McLeod Ganj situated in Tibet. The apartment price for a month is 120 dollars and you get a nicely styled and comfortable apartment just underneath the house roof with the view of Himalayas. All other expenses are not worth a notice. You can eat as much as you can, you can reach all other places by taxi and regularly take part in various sport or relaxation activities. In other words, you can live a healthy and rich life there and certainly not spend more than 500 dollars for one month. The other place worth staying in is Calcutta. The overall expense for a month of living there is maximum 400 dollars and that with a stay in a hotel for only 5 dollars per night.

 Australia – australia tour

Melbourne is a city of dreams! It is not only far away and exotic, it is also cheaper than most of the US. There is which can help you find a room in a big house with other inhabitants. If you are lucky, you will be situated somewhere close to the city centrum and the price for monthly accommodation will not exceed 400 dollars. In order to spend more than 1000 dollars per month you will have to exaggerate with your expenses. For less than 1000 dollars per month you can visit regularly different restaurants featuring Indian or Vietnamese cuisine; you can go to clubs and pubs, you can enjoy dining with live music and you can go for short trips.

Thailand where to live

Thailand is beautiful and cheap country. If you want to share an apartment, you will find accommodation for less than 200 dollars per person per month. We can recommend Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand. You will probably get astonishing views of amazing Thailand’s nature; you can eat at fancy restaurants all the time, at “Mr. Smiley’s” for example; you can take daily trips to explore the country to the full extent; you can go for a massage every day and most importantly, you don’t need to worry about money – you will hardly spend more than 500 dollars per month. Another interesting location in Thailand is Koh Mak island where a bungalow at the beach costs 300 dollars per month.

We have started from an assumption that most of you would like to spend some time of your life somewhere in a foreign country, pick up some of the country’s culture and most of all relax for a while. Most Americans think that you should earn a lot of money to make that dream come true: the common thoughts are that exotic has to be expensive. However, there is another point of view. When writing this text we have tried to convince you that living abroad does not need to be expensive at all – you might be even saving a lot of money if you could live somewhere where the life standard is lower than in US. The four countries are most memorable experiences that we had, but the list can be definitely extended. Some other countries worth mentioning would also be Nepal, Indonesia and Argentina.argentina

Furthermore, we have to be completely honest when talking about total expenses of such trips. Although you don’t need to spend much on yourself in a foreign country, you need to pay a lot for transportation to that place. This is a big expense, but can be compensated with a longer stay in the country.

Now that we made clear that money is not an issue, we can continue with other challenges related to your short stays overseas.

The author is Alek Iloski, travel oriented person who traveled a lot. He has been in USA, Mexico and Europe. He loves to travel and explore new places. Visit his travel page and enjoy in the world beauties.

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