September 11, 2014

Africa Brings You Close To Life You Have Never Experienced

Don’t you think that “happiness is not enough until you travel”? Well! Most of you who are expeditious and have a passion for, the extreme, should at least for once visit Africa. Though a one-time visit is not enough to know this part of the world, you can in any case attempt for a fantastically adventurous African expedition.


If life has become utterly boring for you, there is no way you can quit from the reality. An escapade from the maddening crowd to the wilderness can bring mental peace like none other. The best part is that you will return refreshed, happy and free because Africa offers an array of sights and scenes that will liberate the tangles and monotony stacked in your mind.

Wondering what an African adventure safari is like? This vast landmass is haven for wildlife and nature that co-exists with human habitation. For a successful start, begin with a trip to the Serengeti National Park. Its time you prepare yourself to come in terms with the vastness of the land, the unchained wilderness and the astonishing coexistence of animals and human communities. That is not all! Serengeti will surprise you with its largest and seemingly the longest migration on earth. Thousands of animals, majorly wildebeest will be seen moving from one part of the land to the other as a quench for survival.


Your voyage doesn’t end with Serengeti. Experience Malawi on horseback, and witness extensive highlands and marshes that you come across. Did you know the place is dotted with nine national parks? There are also wildlife reserves for people to come in touch with the rare breeds on earth. If you are a hard core adventurer, indulge into some adrenaline gush with snorkelling, water skiing and boating. The tempting boat rides will equally stir a feeling of joy. Interestingly, African fresh waters are said to be home to around 400 exotic fish species.


South Africa’s Kruger National Park signifies the term “safari” at its best. If you are interested to know why this National Park holds a special place in the traveler’s heart, then here are reasons to consider:

  • 150 breeds of mammals
  • 100 reptile breeds
  • 500 species of birds
  • Several archaeological sites

The Kruger National Park is stunningly beautiful, with diversified animal, tree and plant species thriving together. This park is also South Africa’s flagship park. Begin your adventure travel as you glide across the sky on a hot balloon or take a stroll with the bushes sitting along the pathway.

Have you heard of a “Moonbow”? If you have not heard about it, it is time you witness the beauty of a “Moonbow”. To encounter this astonishing natural wonder you just need to visit Victoria Falls. During night as the lunar light falls on the Gushing water-body, the formation of Moonbow takes place. Isn’t it amazing?  Now if you are a true adventurer you can barely miss out on Victoria fall’s great whitewater rafting. Here is your chance to explore world’s biggest storehouse of natural splendor.

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