April 25, 2014

Agartala- Make a visit and get drenched in viewing the spots present

When you have a choice to move on to any destination as a change of environment along with your family members, do engage in making the right choice to move on. Do think of the right option to browse and find upon. When you have chosen the destination, then you will have to consider the option of reaching the place, i.e. Travel mode and also the option of staying too, by booking the rooms in prior. If your choice of destination is Agartala, then the option of Holiday packages for Agartala is a spectacular choice.

When you have the choice of visiting Agartala, then there are plentiful destinations to visit here, whereby this is the capital of the state Tripura. This place is situated near Bangladesh, whereby this place lies exactly on the Haora River. The destinations include more, where you can visit the Ujjayanta Palace. This place is very much familiar among the destinations present in this capital place of Tripura. The architectural design is a spectacular one to view. The doors of this palace are crafted, and also the architecture which dominates this palace is Mughal architecture. There are also pools and gardens to visit upon here.

Temples to visit:

Then you can visit Jagannath temple, where the number of tourists throng throughout the year. Also, there are some Buddhist monasteries, present here, where Buddhists too throng this place throughout the year. Also, an annual fair is held year in year out.

Then you can visit Dumber Lake, which is a picnic spot to the locales present here. Also, this place is much rich with the presence of natural fishes, which you can spot here. The movement of fishes can make a treat to your vision. Also, you can spot number of birds during the winter season.

Then you can visit Neermahal Water Palace, which is constructed on Rudra Sagar Lake. The architecture is a blend of both Hindu and Mughal architecture. This palace has two parts, namely; on the western side is Andar Mahal, which is the house to the royal family, whereby on the eastern side it houses security professionals. This palace is much familiar here for the light and sound shows, which enhances the look of the palace. There is an open theatre present here too.

Museum to visit:

Then you can visit the Tripura Government Museum, which was set up in 1970’s. This is a place which houses the rarest stone images, collection of old coins, and some other archaeological elements too. This place depicts the diversified culture of this state.

There are some temples to visit here, which include Tripura Sundari Temple, Fourteen Goddess Temple, Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, and some more temples are here.

There is yet another palace present, which is Kunjaban Palace present here also attracts the tourists. Then you can visit the rock carvings of Unakoti too. Jampui Hills are a breathtaking place which is worth to mention for visiting.

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