March 9, 2016

Bali Island of the Gods

Bali is a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago – a picturesque and genuine charm of untamed nature, it is rightly called the “Island of the Gods”. Paddies that wander like giant steps, green hills, volcanoes, towering in the sky, impenetrable tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, bathing in azure blue of the ocean, so friendly to surfers and of course the friendly people who have kept its culture, art, customs and rituals of their ancestors painted image of one of the most colorful islands on the planet. At night the spirits of Bali come out to dance in the moonlight. Every night is a magical festival and even funerals are becoming a cause for celebration.

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This is a land where the rule nature and in art.  The attractions of Bali are temples, stone statues and beautiful scenery.

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Within one day, you can experience the monsoon and summer and winter, traveling around the island. 95% of the population are Hindus, which is evident in the many temples (coincidentally another name by which he is known Bali is “island of a thousand temples”), gardens, colorful landscapes and people who strongly reminiscent of India. Ramayana and Mahabharata are an important part of the culture of Bali. And although Indians questioning the true understanding of Rama and Krishna Bali, balineziytsite century glory with songs Ramayana and Mahabharata, not to put the question of who belongs to Rama. Barong dance depicts a scene from the Mahabharata in which Suhadeva achieved immortality -istoriya that is not particularly popular among Indians. Barong is a mythological animal, powerful enough to help Suhadeva to defeat the evil witch Rangda. The traditional stage, the costumes and the orchestra, which is called “Gamelan” make dance an unforgettable spectacle. Of foreign tourists before the show gives away brochures with tips for dance and thanks to them otherwise “useless” dialogues acquire powerful impact. Another popular dance is the dance Kechak, based on the story of Ramayana. It begins with the story of the exile of Rama and ends with the celebration of his victory over Ravana. The difference in this performance is the lack of an orchestra. Instead -Tina 50 men dressed in traditional clothing, called a sarong (a kind of broad girdle around the waist) are arranged in a circle around the stage and sing “down, down, kechak” all the time. Their rhythm sets the pace of the entire production.

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The average resident of Bali is quite religious. At home, each family has a separate section that serves as a temple. Depending on how large and rich family, the size of the temple varies. Most temples or “Puri” as they are called in Balinese, were built in honor of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvara – Hindu trinity. There are churches that are not family owned and were built by monks who arrived in Bali from distant lands. Other temples were built in different provinces of the kings of Bali. They represent places where the royals does not only have an opportunity to honor the mighty, but also to spend some time in the relaxing atmosphere of the temple, which often include artificial river and a revitalizing, and beautifully landscaped gardens covering acres of fertile land. In Bali art flourished for centuries inspired by two great epic Mahabharata -Ramayana and whose stories were depicted on stone and wood.

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In Bali there is no temple in which does not shine with its architecture and its beautiful sculptures. Each temple had its own strict rules and autonomous management. Most of the temples do not allow tourists unless you are dressed in traditional sarong. Tourists have not  the opportunity to see the statue of the Trinity (three Hindu deities) as it is kept in an isolated room and brings out on artfully decorated sanctuary during temple festivals. A nature is no less impressive, magnificent beaches, gorgeous valleys planted with rice, framed in the misty mountains, dense forests. There are several active volcanoes, of which the most visited is Kintamani. Another landmark is vodopadat Gitgit. Thanks to the abundant tropical rains, Bali produces tons of rice and a variety of exotic fruits is amazing. There will be a lie if called Bali Garden of Eden, perhaps the place that most deserves the compliment “paradise” is Tanah Lot. Located in the province insole, the temple is located on a rock in the sea, about pedesetina feet from shore. At the base of the cliff is a fresh water spring, the sun and sea water, as if in conspiracy, give the temple a unique charm. Often called temple tourism icon in Bali. Throughout these years, tourism is gaining more weight and magazine International Travel Magazine several years in a row declared him one of the best islands in the world. What sells tourist industry hungry for new sensations people: original culture, exotic, beautiful scenery, romance andthe  promise of heavenly bliss.