June 13, 2015

Bharatpur, a destination rich of nature and countless tourist attractions

Bharatpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in central-western India. It is a historic town that best exhibit the royal heritages of the Indian kingdoms. Meanwhile, replete with nature the town is rather largely popular for its natural allures and attractions. It is home to the popular Keoladeo National Park and Lohagarh Fort. Visit the town to explore all aspects of it and for accommodations choose from the best hotels in Bharatpur.bharatpur bird santuary

Bharatpur is the popular tourist town where exist the world popular Keoladeo National Park or the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. It is basically a tourist town receiving continuous hordes of tourists and nature enthusiasts throughout the year. The town easily makes one of the most visited tourist destinations in India for the fact that it is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a grandiose Fort, beautiful palaces, multiple temples owning immense reverence amongst the locals, and many more. If one is about exploring the natural heritages of the country and is all about adventure, Bharatpur is a destination to visit. Located in the state of Rajasthan, the town is one of the premier tourist destinations of the state. It is situated on the eastern borders of the parent state and is also a gateway to the state.

Meanwhile, the town is popular for the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the best government protected areas in the country. The bird sanctuary, however today is known as Keoladeo National Park and has been declared as a World Heritage Site. Every year the dense jungles of the region are visited by over 230 species of birds making it a paradise for the bird watchers. Interestingly, the park is a man-made and a man-managed park, which has been set up to protect the wildlife of the region. It was in the year 1971 when the forest was declared protected sanctuary. Before that, the forest served as the duck hunting ground for the maharajas of the region.bharatpur rajasthan tour

Other than the residential and the migratory birds, the protected jungles are home to 50 species of fish, 7 species of turtles, 379 species of flora, 5 species of lizards, and 13 species of snakes. It is quite often that one will spot ducks, gadwall, Indian shag, wood sandpiper, Sarus crane, eagle, and grey hornbill, etc. Taking part in the Jungle Safari of the bird sanctuary is a must when in the town. The good thing is that there are a number of hotels in Bharatpur that are located in the vicinity of the protected jungle. Thus, offering the conveniences of connectivity along with a content stay.

Another must visit attraction of Bharatpur is the Bharatpur Government Museum. It is one of the most significant attractions of the town, and is located in proximity to the Lohagarh Fort. The museum contains several historical artifacts and sculptures of rare quality. Many of the remnants were actually dug out of the ground and age multiple centuries. If one is about exploring and understanding the history of the region, the museum is a must visit.
Apart from that, the 18th century Lohagarh Fort is another major attraction of the town. It was once known for being impregnable, as it survived multiple Mughal as well as British invasions. Actual iron was used to build the fort, which explains the name of the fort. Within the province of the fort exist three magnificent palaces filled with all the exqusitivities and luxuries. The fort along with the three palaces make as an imperative part of Bharatpur tour, and one simply ends up visiting them. Meanwhile, the good thing is that there exist a number of budget hotels in Bharatpur that offer transportation to the site of the fort. Additionally, one can also hire taxis and cabs to reach the place.