December 24, 2013

Top 10 Famous Castles You Should Visit in Saarland

Saarland is a federal state in Germany that boasts a lot of castles and forts around its area, making it a popular tourist destination. Castles represent grandeur, strength, and fairy tales where Kings and Queens reign and princes and princesses fall in love. Grab your luggage, map, and travel insurance while you are at it and prepare to have a wonderful time visiting the 10 famous castles in Saarland.

Saarbrucken Castle

The Saarbrucken Castle was built in the 17th century. The castle had some Baroque architecture additions in the 18 century and further renovated in the same time period with Romantic attributes. This resulted to a diversely designed castle that people cannot resist to appreciate today.

The Siersburg Castle

The Siersburg castle was built in the 12th century making it one of the oldest castle structures in Saarland. It was built mainly as a fort to protect the River Saar for its strategic importance to the commerce in the area. During the French revolution the castle was laid to waste and its construction was never taken seriously again.

Montclair Castle

Montclair castle has the charm and the perfect location many castles in Saarland simply do not have. Aside from the castle and its medieval beauty, the area where it stands is near to a deep forest and a river that is perfect for intimate boat rides, complimenting the fairy-tale like feel of the place.

Illingen Castle

The Illingen castle has the formidable look of a fort but also has undeniable magical beauty especially when seen from a distance. Its walls and ruins reveal a glorious past and the forest around it gives you a sense of peace and calm.

Neufelsberg Castle

This castle is believed to be built in the 1300’s by Duke John I of Lorraine. It was named Neufelsberg only in the latter part of the 1300’s as it was a castle built over the Old Castle Felsberg. However the last account of that name was in the late 1600’s when the castle was no longer standing.

The Devil’s Castle

The Devil’s Castle has two castles, the Old Palace and the other one below it called the Main Castle. Today the only standing structure is the Main Castle. The Old Palace was destroyed and reclaimed by the quarries in the late 1600’s.

The Kirkel Castle

The Kirkel Castle is now in ruins but because of its history, many people are still drawn to the heap of rock that was Kirkel many centuries ago. This castle stands on top of a sandstone rock making it hard to miss when you are travelling between the cities of Homburg, Ingbert, and Neunkirchen. It is good to drive around foreign cities with travel insurance. This can be handy during emergencies that may arise along the way.

Burg Castle

Burg CastleBurg Castle is a restored castle in Saarland, the largest reconstructed castle of its kind in the area. There is however historical records showing that the existing structure now is not necessarily identical to the original castle in the 1700’s. Burg Castle is now a very popular attraction in the area which also houses the Museum of the Bergische Land.

Dagstuhl Castle

The Dagstuhl Castle is now a heap of ruins located on a hill in Wadern, Saarland. This castle was built in 1290 by Knight Boemund of Saarbrucken for Bohemond von Warnesberg, the Archbishop of Trier. The castle stands on a roof-shaped hill hence its name, derived from the word “Dach” in German which translates to roof.

Castle Bucherbach

Castle Bucherbach is a moated castle in Kollerbach in the Saarbrucken area. It is now in ruins but because of its proximity to Saarland’s most important castle (Illingen) it is also heavily visited by tourists from all over the world.

Karlsberg Castle

The Karlsberg Castle today is nothing but a heap of ruins, a shameful shadow of its glorious past. This castle was the largest country palace of its time (1788) and was masterfully built by the building director-architect of the dukes of Zweibrucken. The castle was constructed by the order of Charles II August. It was destroyed by the French revolutionary troops in 1793.

Visiting the castles in Saarland is a wonderful experience. Enhance your experience with sound route planning. To make your vacation a worry free exploration of castle ruins, buying travel insurance that covers you for any eventualities is a good idea.