November 27, 2017 Best Destinations for Those Who Want to Try Hunting

Best Destinations for Those Who Want to Try Hunting

A lot of people visit interesting destinations on hunting trips every year. Hunting is still one of the most popular holiday activities for those who love adventures. It used to be difficult to get into hunting as a hobby, but today’s best travel packages and hunting tours make it easy for beginners and first-time hunters to give this holiday activity a try.

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If you’re interested in giving hunting a go, choosing the right destination to visit is important. Not all hunting destinations are suitable for beginners; some require you to have sufficient hunting and outdoor skills. The destinations we are about to discuss in this article are perfect if you want to go on your first hunting trip.


Hunting is very popular in Canada and the activity is relatively easy to get into. Whitetail and mule deer are very common in Canada, particularly in the country’s largest plains and meadows. Since we’re talking about your first hunting trip, it is best to contact a tour organizer and have everything prepared for you.

Aside from deer hunting, Canada is also the perfect destination for duck hunting. The top bird season is from September to early October and there are plenty of ducks to hunt during the season. Once you’re used to the experience, you can choose to go north for more challenges.


Tuscany is one of the top hunting destinations in Europe. It is a region in central Italy, making it perfect for those who also want to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing holiday once the hunt is over. You can choose to stay in Florence and spend time admiring the city’s Renaissance architecture before going on a hunting trip nearby.

Wild boar hunting is very popular in the region. There is a big population of wild boar in Tuscany and there are a lot of wild boar hunting tours and packages to choose from. Your day will start with a lovely breakfast, followed by a short ride in a 4×4 and a thrilling hunting experience.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another great country to visit if you want to try hunting. The terrains in areas such as the South Island and the mountain animals you can find in the region make a hunting trip to New Zealand both exciting and fairly challenging at the same time.

Similar to Italy and Canada, good planning is required if you want to have a pleasant hunting trip. You will need a hunting permit to hunt the larger stags; kiwis and some other animals are strictly off limits. New Zealand weather is quite manageable most of the time, although you should try to visit the country in March or April for the best hunting experience.

Going on your first hunting trip is very exciting. You will be experiencing an adventure like never before but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a pleasant holiday as well. Thanks to holiday packages and these great destinations to visit, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and give hunting a try for the first time on your next vacation.