April 11, 2016

Essential Apps to Make Your Travel Worldwide Easily

If you’re a person who loves to travel a lot, then your Smartphone could be acting like your second best friend .If used wisely, you can simplify your travel troubles and in fact increase the number of things you want to do, minimizing the time you have planned to do it in. There are apps for any service possible and they’re mostly free. Here are some apps you need to have if you’re a traveller!

google translator app

Google Translate

Function: Translates everything from signboards to spoken words.

The app helps you translate from massive 90 languages options along with having an automatic speech translation in 40 languages. The languages include the Marathi, Punjabi and Afrikaans. Best for those who wants to get lost in a new world.  Anytime you face a problem while reading the sign boards you can’t read, simply use your camera to translate text of signs and board immediately.




Function: help you translate a phone call on both ends into multiple languages.

This translation apps comes with a difference as it offers the translating service where you can call 100 countries and get your conversation translated automatically into more than 16 languages. The translating services do come with the charges apply.

xe currency


XE Currency

Function: change any kind of currency in the world.

The app converts different kinds of currencies, proprietary currency rates, charts and even displays the updated currency rates which can be used without internet.

city maps 2 go


City Maps 2Go Offline

Function: Offers detailed maps working offline as well.

The application provides you the detailed maps and travel content for more than 7000 destination accessing it without going online. The app is great option for those who don’t have access to the internet connection while travelling.

wifi finder


Wifi Finder

Function: Gives you easy directions to the nearest Wifi source.

The application provides you easy directions to the closest place, having wifi and where you don’t get incurred that extra charges while you aroma around searching for the network connectivity.

time out


Time out

Function: a useful travel guide to find events, restaurants.

The application plan events and helps you discover places to help you explore the things you should do in different parts of the world. The application is customizable, which provides some pretty important information.

app in the air

Image source: www.imore.com

App in the Air

Function: track of your flight information even when you’re offline.

The application helps you in keeping a track of your flight along with air travelling information. Displayed as your personal flight assistance, the app gives you various options including- flight profile, navigation maps, airport tips which works perfectly well offline too.  

perfect world clock

Image source: play.google.com

Perfect World Clock

Function: Attach multiple country clocks as home screen widgets.

The application might not look much needed because most phones already have  the options of the times of other countries listed in it, still it helps you by adding multiple clocks on the screen widget, so that you could know the time of anywhere in the world.


Image source: www.johansens.com


Function: Offers directory of emergency numbers of different countries.

This is a very useful application which provides you a large database of emergency numbers, working in the different countries like- police, ambulance, fire services etc.  You even got the details of the respective embassy in case you lose your passport.

Onavo Extend


Onavo Extend

Function: Reduces the wireless bills and data roaming charges.

We all face the problem of incurring the data charges while roaming abroad, which is why Onavo Extend comes to rescue us. It cuts off from the big amount of your own megabytes, so you could stay online while spending decent limit. The app simply reduces the amount of data required.

hostel world



Function: provides you a huge list of budget hotels and hostels worldwide.

To the times when you have to sit and go through the pages to find a suitable, budget friendly hotel, the today’s time ask you to download the app of ‘ Hostelworld’, which offers you to choose from a list of more than 35,000 geo tagged directory listing hotel and hostels. Finding the accommodations becomes easy with this application.

city mapper

Image source: www.gizmodo.co.uk


Function: sort out the easiest route for your journey in a city.

The application of Citymapper helps you sorting out the simplest possible route of a destination. The application all the transit options from metro, bus, train, uber, bike share and cycles, clearly everything.

easemytrip app



Function: book cheapest flight tickets on the go

To book cheapest flights on the go, this app is a must for anyone who wants to travel far.  The app is a good way of avoiding the crowds and finding the multiple options available for flights without paying any convenience fee over it.