December 2, 2016

Experience the Rich Golden Zing of Delhi

Are you a traveling buff? Do you like to explore artistic and historic places? Then you must visit to different Havelis in India. They can give you the best experiences of your life.


If you are planning to undertake a delhi local tour while incapital, then why not pay a visit to Haveli dharampura or other Havelis ? There are numerous amazing Havelis in Delhi. India is a country of beautiful, stunning and royal Havelis which can make you relive the old golden times.



One of a very famous Haveli is Dharampura Haveli. It gives its visitors a chance to fetch a sensation of the Mughal epoch through the architectural attractiveness of the Haveli. The lively blend of old era and amenities of the present age can leave everybody spellbound. Even a short stay at Dharampura Haveli will take you back in the Mughal realm. So, are you ready to taste the finesse and royalty of this beautiful place? Don’t resist yourself to the theoretical pleasures of golden era, experience the splendour of this Haveli.


You can also visit a beautiful Haveli which was built in the Lodi period. Yes, I am talking about Jahaz Mahal. Iltutmish who was the 13th-century Delhi sultan had a dream that Prophet Mohammad had visited him riding on a horse. In his dream, he saw that he told him to create a reservoir on that spot. Next morning, when Iltutmish visited to inspect the area, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He found a hoof print of horse on the soil. After this he took a decision and built Hauz-i-Shamsi in 1229-30. Though not much is known about Jahaz Mahal, still it possesses stunningly-carved sandstone pillars, multi-coloured tile work on the roof and lovely chhatris. So, go and experience this mesmerizing Haveli today!


Or how about visiting a Haveli which is not known to many people? Yes, in the heart of busy street of Chandni Chock, you can experience the structure of Lala Chunnamal Ki Haveli. Where in the past times, it has its glory and amazing influence on the minds of people, today, not many people know about it. But you can experience the charm, plethora and royalty of this Haveli even today. Don’t skip a chance to dig out this amazing experience through the streets of old Delhi.


You can also visit Zafar Mahal which is also a much-loved Haveli. It is among one of the last Mughal palaces in Delhi. It was built by Mughal emperor Akbar Shah II in the initial 19th century. It is near the Dargah of the Sufi saint Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki in Mehrauli which is in south Delhi. You can walk through the old chic and heritage by visiting this place.


The Khazanchi Haveli, which belonged to Emperor Shah Jahan, might has lost its spark but it still rules on the hearts of people. This Haveli is at the end of the road which links Dariba and Esplanade Road. It is well known to people who have their roots in Delhi.

Thus, whether you want to experience the bliss and charm of Haveli dharampura or other less known but amazing Havelis, find the best delhi one day tour package and fetch the finest experience today!