October 21, 2015

Experience The Vivacity Of The Quaint And Colonial Pondicherry This Vacation

Pondicherry is a famous holiday destination in India. This scenic town once served as the French quarters. Its colonial traces and beautiful seascape offer a refreshing glimpse into its various charms. Read on.

Former French town of Pondicherry is a beautiful place along the Bay of Bengal. It is a coastal Union Territory and a tourism hotspot in South India. Its old rustic look with avenues marked by trees and elegant villas is a scenic backdrop for any visitor. For your holiday trip to Pondicherry, it is quite essential to pack your digital camera along with your travel gear as there would be several places and many moments that you would like to capture. A trip passed down the memory lane is a trip well preserved. Pondicherry provides for numerous cherished memories with its perfect setting and picturesque landscape. You can check for accommodation choices online from an assortment of hotels in Pondicherry and make reservations in advance.

pondicherry beach

Experiencing Pondicherry like a wanderer is the way you get to know the town well. A walk through Promenade Beach is worth every penny you are going to spend on your trip. Just think of the black rocks laid right along the coasts and the palms swaying with the sea breeze just across the long path. It cultivates the perfect taste of a journey and the miles of open sky spread across the horizon just above the seascape is something that provides an immense refreshment for both the body and the soul. Duppuypet is another place in the town for such a sight. The streets are immaculately clean and uncrowded. The villas do not obstruct the view of the landscape and the blue sky seems bluer in Pondicherry. You are going to experience a pleasant haven the moment you arrive here.

Pondicherry has many tourist attractions that you can explore. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Ousteri Wetland and National Park, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Botanical Garden, Pondicherry Museum, etc. are the popular places to visit in Pondicherry. You can also discover the various streets some of which have some nice open shops. While exploring Pondicherry, you would be able to realize how a colonial settlement might have been in the old days. Because of the earlier French occupation, a lot of people are well-versed in the language and it should come as a surprise to you if they speak French fluently.

The pace of life in Pondicherry is relaxed and hence it is best to see the town over a stretch of a week. The best way to go about traveling through Pondicherry is to pause at places and reflect and admire everything around you so that you do not miss even the slightest of its virtues. Sitting at some nice cafe and chitchatting with some locals would be a good idea, for example. For a more luxurious hospitality, staying in 5 star hotels in Pondicherry is what you can go for.