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Explore the Best Bingo Hotspots in London

Bingo is a century old popular game and has online versions too.  It is no longer a pastime of the geriatric generation as its constant reinvention in new formats is bringing more crowds to it.

Bingo is alive and kicking in London with residents and tourists vying to an experience it at the right places. Those visiting London may want to experience some bingo fun at the spots mentioned below.

Bingo Spots

Even today Bingo is best enjoyed at the Tooting Bingo Hall. This first British cinema -Tooting Hall is quasi-medieval style with classical gothic features.

Yet another bingo spot in London included the Kilburn Mecca Bingo at Kilburn High Road, London. Located in the former Gaumont State Cinema it has an Italian Renaissance style. Its design from the outside is still a big draw. The entertainment part of the Bingo game there will be pints of wine and wild chat before the games so that there is a build up of expectation and concentration.

Bingo Halls Alive

These are an assertion that the game of bingo never dies in the United Kingdom where halls are alive even in the direst times. Take the case of Camden, where the bingo halls have withstood the test of time. Memorable bingo game play is there in its live halls listed below:

Beacon Bingo

This bingo place at (200 Cricklewood Broadway London) appeals to the younger players. Beacon Bingo Cricklewood is one of the halls operated by Beacon Entertainment Ltd. Aside from its main gaming hall it can host up to 2,700 players, and take care of their meals from their in-house restaurants.

Queens Crescent Association

To experience some weekly bingo sessions with seasoned players do visit Ashdown Crescent and play bingo players at the Queens Crescent Association.

Innovations Galore

What makes a game of bingo more interesting today is that Bingo is cool now. The hot spots of London have found new ways to make Bingo hip and popular.

Some innovative versions are discussed here.

Rebel Bingo runs successful bingo party nights in London where Drinking, dancing, and lots of fun go hand in hand with seeking the Bingo itself. Scala on the Pentonville Road is famous for these Bingo nights.

Musical Bingo: Musical bingo brings adds a musical twist to the traditional playing of bingo. You can play songs and tick them off the scorecard. The musical Bingo nights can be enjoyed at The Paradise on Kilburn Lane.

Indie Bingo: Somewhat similar to Musical Bingo yet Indie Bingo differs in usage of indie music. Get the best tunes of the ‘90s at the Tooting Tram and Social on Mitcham Road.

Big Bingo Show: For the real bingo with a bang be at Vauxhall for its bingo hybrid The Big Bingo Show where sing alongs, guest stars and a great stand up from alternative drag artistes like Timberlina and Hey Beylan will rejoice you.Big Bingo Show


Visit London

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