March 3, 2016

Exploring Beautiful Castles in Spain

Most Spanish castles weren’t constructed to be pretty, but few of them are exceptions. These castles portray the three Ss, i.e., serious, solid and scary. Initially, they were designed to withstand sieges from everyone, from the king in the next province and to Moorish invaders. For a lesser time, the royalty actually resides, but over their residents where the political prisoners of the particular reigning ruler. If you are interested in exploring the beauty and glorious history of Spain and its beautiful castles, read on to the following article to know more about them.



If you have a little time to explore castles during your Spain visit, then you must visit the Alhambra castle that is located in Granada. This castle is renowned to the most well-known structure in Spain. There is nothing similar to it that compares to this age old fortress, with a name that translates as ‘Red Castle” in Arabic language. All of the architectural details of this castle are just amazing with intricate and stunning work. It also has impressions of the Moors who inhabited the castle for several centuries. Being a popular tourist attraction, the government has restricted the number of visitors in a day. Therefore, booking entry tickets in advance is advised.

Alcázar of Segovia

Alcázar of Segovia

This castle is not like the other castles in Spain that were built in the form of fortresses. In fact, Alcázar of Segovia castle perfectly fits the fairy-tale mold of European castles and is often referred to as the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. This beautiful castle is located on a hill and offers its visitors the impression that it is like a ship sailing toward them. As per the history, the Royalty stayed here including Isabella I, who was crowned in the year 1474. Today, this castle is a museum with displaying amazing ancient armory and stunning paintings.

olite castle

Olite Castle

A visit to Olite Castle is an experience to a different royalty culture of Spain, which is of the ‘kingdom of Navarre’ in the northern part of the country. Also referred to as ‘the Palacio Real de Olite’, this castle was constructed on first century Roman ruins, though the castle’s construction didn’t take place until several centuries later. Many monarchs added to its architecture through the years, using a range of architectural styles with towers, gardens and courtyards. This castle fell into disorder but the Spanish government has been refurbishing it since the year 1937.

coca castle

Coca Castle

The Coca castle is one-of-its kind among Spanish castles as this castle has only three sides because it is built into a hillside that provides a trick defense from invaders who attack from the rear. It is also unique because of its architecture was influenced by the Moors, although it was constructed by Christians during the mid-15th century. You can go to Coca Castle as a day trip from Segovia; however, it is open to the public but only by guided tours.

Apart from these, Penafiel Castle, Alcazaba of Almeria, New Castle of Manzanares el Real, Bellver Castle, Castle of La Mota and Lorca Castle are some of the other famous castles in Spain.