May 16, 2015

Exploring the best of Phuket in its beauty-revered temples

Phuket, a beautiful island which is the largest island in Thailand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. It is the richest city in the whole country, probably because of the large tin manufacturing industry and not to forget, the ever-growing Phuket tourism industry. The island is 540 sq. km in area, which is pretty big. It is the reason that people don’t actually feel that they are on an island when in Phuket. Meanwhile, during the past few decades with the growing popularity of the country, the island has been making its prominence in tourism. If one is about spending holidays in the tropics relishing their hospitality and the natural beauty, Phuket is the destination to go to. There is a bridge that has been connecting the island to the mainland of the country since long. It is one of the busiest bridges in the world as the roads are cheaper ways to reach the island. Other than that, the luxury seekers also take cruises and yachts to access the island.phuket island tour

The Phuket island on its boundary has long, sun-kissed beaches, big limestone cliffs, and rocky coastline that meets the vast ocean. On the other hand, the inner regions of the island consist of hills and lush green areas that are capped with tropical plant life and are home to a varied species of animals. In fact, Phuket arguably has the most diverse topology than on any other island in the country. Meanwhile, modernization has also laid its foot on the island. The rapidly improving infrastructure on the island consolidates the fact. Most of the improvements have been done on tourism domain because of the increasing number of international tourists flocking to the island. There are finest restaurants, lavish Phuket hotels, spa and massage parlours, entertainment centres, pubs/clubs, and several others. Other than that, Phuket is also one of the finest places in the country where one can learn the best about the Thai culture, traditions, fishing, Thailand’s coral richness, and at phuket beach

While one explores the Phuket island, visiting Wat Chalong is a must. It is one of the major attractions on the island and a major landmark. The landmark is basically a Buddhist temple that owns huge reverence amongst the locals. There are about 29 Buddhist temples dispersed across the Phuket island, and the Wat Chalong is one of the most grand and significant. It remains open to visit from nine in the morning till five in the afternoon. Locals visit the temple to worship and pay homage to the Lord Gautama Buddha. Whereas for the tourists the temple is a great place to learn the Thailand’s customs and beliefs about the religion.phuket tour

The architecture of the temple is remarkable. It is one of the most beautiful Buddhist temples and features a typical Thai architectural style. There are several life-size statues and wax models, of which Poh Than Jao What is the most significant one. Other than that, the temple also contains a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone, which is kept in a grand pagoda called Phramahathatchedi-Jomthaibarameepragat. Simply put, the Wat Chalong is a one of the dominant highlights of the city. Almost all Phuket holiday packages include the temple in their list of itineraries. In a nutshell, Phuket is replete of tourist attractions like the temple; visiting the city to explore-experience all its attractions.

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