July 30, 2016

Exploring the Most Urban Part of Kochi – Ernakulum

Kochi or Cochin is a picturesque city with everything in organized manner, in terms of structural frameworks. As an efficient part of Kochi, Ernakulum stands proud to be the most urbane town in Southern Front. What adds value to its urbane attitude is the title of being the commercial capital of Kerala. In fact, the tourists happen can explore the excellent architecture of Kerala High Court, Corporation of Cochin and the Cochin Stock Exchange. Certainly, the beauty of such architectural magnificence reflects the sophistication prevailing in the town and the adaptability to modernism. Well, the tourists coming to the place can stay at excellent hotels in Ernakulum and plan out a sightseeing trip. Besides these, the town has some of the most well-known sightseeing options that allow the travelers to indulge in its exotic past.

1. Mattancherry Palace:

mattancherry palace kochi india
Popularly famed as the Dutch Palace, Mattancherry Palace was a part of Portuguese property. It was later on gifted by the Portuguese the King of Cochin as a token of friendship. As an epitome of cultural extravaganza, the palace holds Kerala Murals that signify the authenticity of Hindu temple art and portraits. Along with this, the tourists can take pleasure in looking through the exceptional collection of the Kings of Kochi city.

Constructed in the Nalukettu style architecture, the palace has a courtyard in the middle. This is typical of Kerala style traditional architecture. On visiting this picturesque palace, the tourists can check out the temple positioned in the courtyard dedicated to Pazhayannur Bhagavati. Indeed, the palace also holds importance for having lavishly decorated Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva temples in the compound.

2. Paradesi Synagogue:

paradesi synagogue kochi
Standing to be more than a hundred years old, Paradesi Synagogue is proud to house some of the most interesting antiques. Being located in the Jew Town, it is also called as a Jewish Synagogue in 1568. As far as the legends associated with the place is that it was constructed by the Jewish Community. On getting destroyed by the Portuguese in 1662, it was reconstructed by the Dutch people. This happens to state that Synagogue tends to be the witness the effect of three conquering nations.

As the tourists enter to explore the majestic interiors of the Jewish Synagogue, the main hall exhibits rare artefacts. The grandeur of the place is well showcased in the exotic chandeliers handing in the main hall. And adding value to the overall interiors of main hall are the large windows with princely designed frames. Apart from this, the pillars of the Synagogue inside are richly articulated by the expert craftsmen. With all these beautiful interiors, one seems to experience the richness of past heroes. Indeed, another priceless possession in the place is copper plates that belong to 4th century.

3. Santa Cruz Basilica:

Santa Cruz Basilica
Happening to be one of the oldest churches in Kochi, Santa Cruz Basilica has superb interiors. Constructed by the first Portuguese viceroy named Francesco De Almeida, it was on the “Feast of Holy Cross in 1505” that the foundation stone was laid. The architecture of the Basilica reflects a perfect blend of Gothic and Indo-European styles that make the entire piece look really magnificent. Indeed, what impresses the tourists coming to Basilica is its wooden panelling and Italian paintings making the walls worth watching. In fact, they happen to add grace to the interiors.

4. Ernakulum Shiva Temple:

Ernakulam Shiva Temple
Also famous among the residents as Ernakulathappan temple, this exotic temple of Alleppey is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Holding the importance of being one of the 7 royal temples of the Kings of Cochin, this temple stands to be richly decorated and exhibit exquisite art form. Certainly, it was constructed by the Diwan Sri Edakkunni Sankara in the year of 1846 and raised to the level of Royal Temple.

Constructed in emblematic Kerala temple architecture, the Sanctum compound is circular in shape with finely crafted walls. Along with this, the ceiling is enclosed with copper tiles. With two gates named as Western Gopuram and Eastern Gopuram, they are richly painted with gabled roofs as well as slanting windows. With so much to explore in the temple, the tourists feel close to the South Indian culture and the grandeur residing in it.

5. Hill Palace Tripunithura:

Well, the tourists living in the hotels near Ernakulum can ask for cab services from the hotel to reach this palace. Said to be the largest archaeological museum in Kerala, it was constructed in 1865 by Maharaja of Cochin and has 49 buildings within the complex. The excellence of this palace turned museum is that the tourists can see one of the best collections of King’s time that includes the Royal Crown also. In visiting this palace, it should be noted that the sections are closed on Monday.

A true example of historical brilliance and its adaptability to modern trends as per time changes reflects the tremendous growth of Ernakulum town. The visitors coming to the place can get down at Kochi International airport and take the taxi to reach the main city. However, there are numerous hotels near Ernakulum that offers comfortable to luxury staying options; so, tourists can take the pick as per their budget allowance.