February 25, 2014

Get Wet and Happy This Summer with Super Fun Pool Games

In the summer, when it is the hottest out, most people would like nothing better than to relax and play in or next to a pool. And if you’ve got kids, there’s only so many times that they can play Marco Polo before they (and let’s face it, having to listen to kids screaming that someone was out of water can get tiring after the 10th day in a row) get bored out of their minds. But Marco Polo is not the only great pool game that can be played. The following are some great games that can be played in the pool, both with large groups or small. And like most games, if the rules seem to be confined for you, add ones or subtract the ones that do not seem to be working well.


This is a great tag game that is the pool version of freeze tag. It is best played in a pool with a large shallow end, to allow those “frozen” to stand. As in freeze tag, there is one person who is “it.” The person that it is attempting to tag everyone that is not “it” and if they do, the tagged person has to freeze where they are with their legs open and hands in the air. Those that have not been tagged yet can swim through the legs of those turned into popsicles to unfreeze them. The real twist of this game is that all players swimming completely underwater are unable to be tagged and frozen, but if any portion of their body comes up, they are fair game. If there is a large group of people playing, you may want to have a time limit to allow more people to be “it”, otherwise the last person tagged becomes the new “it.”Battleships and Submarines

Battleships and Submarines

This game is played with two even teams, with one having their base of operations against one of the pool walls. This group is the battleships. As the game begins, that team pushes off the wall and uses whatever tactics they can to have the subs chase them. Whenever each sub is ready, they swim underwater, chasing battleships and trying to touch one of them before they make it into the base directly opposite their original base. If touched, the battleship becomes a sub, with the original sub going back to the start. If, however, the sub has to surface to take a breath of air and gets splashed by a battleship, the sub becomes a battleship. Of course, the object is to get everyone onto your own side. For good battleship swimmers, you may want to allow them to grab onto sub propellers (feet) in an attempt to make them surface, but that tactic can backfire on you as the battleship could find itself tagged before they can splash the sub.ivisibottle


This is a great game that can be played time and again. Take a 1 or 2 liter bottle that’s completely clear with the wrapper removed and fill it with water. The cap should be either white or as close to the same color as the pool tiles as you can make it. Have all the players, surround the pool on both sides, facing away from it and with their eyes clothes. Then, you or another adult toss the bottle into the water and let it sink. Then, the players turn around, jump in and try to find the bottle. It is a lot harder than it sounds, though, as the bottle will blend in very well. This is a game that can even be played with one player, due to the difficulty (if they can truly blend in, that is).

This summer, why not grab a great deal with the rise of holiday supermarket sites, get to the pool and get active playing these super games (not just for the kids either) stay safe and have fun!