June 2, 2014

Getting the best deals on hotels around Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal IndiaYou need to travel only 200km from the capital city Delhi to reach one of the most famous destinations in the world. What makes this famous is simply the expression of love that is a rare sight known world over. If that sounds like a riddle, then be assured that was not the intention because the Taj Mahal India has occupied a place in the list of Seven Wonders of the World. Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor built the Taj Mahal India, which is a mark of his undying love for his queen, Noor Jahan. The city of Agra is very well connected by road and rail network. If you’re on a holiday in the area, you would do well to look at the various hotels that are available . There are a number of quality hotels in Agra and most of them have very comfortable rooms, clean and a “feel like home” atmosphere. However, to get a good deal on a hotel, try and book well in advance through the online and you may just strike a great bargain on accommodation. From the various hotels around Taj Mahal, there is usually an added advantage, which is that you can actually view the fabled Taj Mahal, right from within the privacy of some of the rooms. The Agra tourism authorities take a lot of pain to ensure that tourists feel comfortable, no matter where they put up. If you are holidaying with your spouse, expect a romantic mood to charge the air, as soon as you view the Taj, in the moonlight from the comfort of your room, this is possible in any of the well known five star hotels around Taj Mahal.

The luxury hotels Some of the top Star & Luxury hotels in Agra are, the hotel Amar villas, Hotel Jaypee Palace, Hotel Trident Hilton, The Hotel Mughal Sheraton, the Holiday Inn, Hotel Howard Park Plaza, etc. These are hotels where some of the rich and famous put up when there are in Agra to view the monument of love. All these fine luxury hotels offer some of the excellent views of the Taj you can have. There are many rooms here that offer a complete and clear view of the Taj Mahal, right from the balcony. You can sit there and watch the marvellous view of this Wonder of the World with your dear one by your side. During certain months of the year, such as extreme summer months, some of these luxury hotels even offer fabulous discounts and deals on hotels.

The reasonable options If you are looking to book budget hotels around Taj Mahal, that can also be easy. In fact, Agra is visited by all kinds of people and everyone doesn’t choose a five star comfort here, which is why there are many options. There are many cheap hotels here and guest houses as well, where you can find excellent budget options easily. You can book most hotels from online sites depending on your budget, but do compare rates with facilities before you choose the one for your needs.

Author Bio: This guest post was submitted by Chandralekha who loves traveling and writing on tourist attractions, popular destinations in India such as Taj Mahal India.