February 5, 2015

Goa, a destination replete of fascinating beaches & natural delights

Goa is one of the hottest destinations in the globe. Known for its beaches, it is also a hub of feisty culture, pulsating nightlife, mouth-watering cuisines, adrenaline-pumping adventure sports, and many others. Simply head to the city and enjoy your best holidays.

Okay, so you finally got your vacations that you have waited for so long, and are super excited to go to “the perfect” destination. Considering a destination is one important aspect of holidaying. It can either make or simply ruin your holidays. So, before you head out, take things slow and be careful about choosing the destination. For those who like to spend their holidays, partying like crazy, relishing the appetizing seafood, and spend their days in the laid-back atmosphere, Goa is the destination to go to.water sports in goa

Goa, the party capital of India, and also the most celebrated beach destination in India, is a modern city located on the western coast of India. It is arguably the best holiday destination in India, and is the first-favorite of many. The city is most famous for its never-ending party mood, cheap alcohol, and beautiful beaches with swaying palms, sparkling water, and white sands. Ideally, people head to the city in order to rejuvenate. It is the city of fishers, laid-back locals, spiritualists, and enthusiasts. It is an excellent destination for a retreat and to unwind. Spending a lazy day basking in the sun at the beaches, and taking pleasure of the Ayurvedic massage at the finest spas in the city, are the popular things to do in Goa.parasailing in goa

For the Adeline junkies, Goa is a perfect opportunity for various thrill-fun activities. The beaches are the most popular sites among them. There is a plethora of water spots at the beaches, these include: surfing, jet skiing, Paragliding, swimming, sea diving etc.

Meanwhile, a trip to Goa doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, apart from the thrill-filled adventure activities and the appealing parts of the city, there is a lot more to discover in Goa tourism. The history of Goa is an interesting aspect to know about, in Goa tourism. It was the solitary outpost of the Portuguese in India. For a long period of almost 500 years they lived and colonized at the city. Their influence can still be found everywhere in the city: in the magnificent architectures; in the east meets west cuisine; in the religion; and in the locals and their lifestyle. Exploring and understanding this aspect of Goa tourism is among the best Things to do in Goa.goa beach

However, all is not perfect in Goa. Just like every other tourist destination, the city also has some problems, the city’s environment in particular. Nevertheless, works are being done in order to improve things around. Accommodations are one aspect of the city that has been significantly improved. Today the city houses some of the world-class hotels that offer the best of stay services and comforts to all the guests.resorts in goa

The Leela hotel is one of the best hotels in Goa, ideal for all: solo travelers to families, business travelers to leisure travelers. It is a plush 5 Star hotel located at a convenient location. Those who seek the best of Goa tour could consider to choose this hotel. It is located in a beautiful region and offers a tranquil and refreshing stay. Replete with all sorts of amenities and facilities the hotel makes sure that each guest is content with his stay.