April 9, 2016

Goa – A Visit To The Party Capital During The Off Seasons

When someone tells you there is no point visiting Goa during the off seasons, don’t take his/her word for it, as it showcases a different side of Goa and you will have an entirely different experience as opposed to the peak seasons. Flights and hotels are cheap and you can get one of the cheap flights from Goa to Mumbai to make your way out of the city which will cost you as much as your taxi fare if you are lucky.

goa palolem beach

Goa is best traversed upon during the peak seasons. Peak seasons start from late October going all the way up to early February and a short stint during the summer, the chance for people to flaunt their summer beach bodies. However, visiting during on or off seasons does not make much of a difference as it is all about perspective and you expect to do during your trip. Goa is easily accessible and you can easily get cheap flights from Goa to Mumbai on any given day. You can also get taxis or buses from Mumbai or any nearby cities.

goa sunburn festival

If it is the rave parties that intrigues you for a visit to Goa, then you have every reason to visit during the peak seasons, however, if partying is not on the top priority on your list of reasons to visit, then you can take the backseat and visit during the off seasons. Off seasons start from March till peak summers and begins again during the monsoon season and goes all the way till October. There are some perks of visiting Goa during the off seasons, here are some to name a few.

goa enjoy your moments

More privacy – The best part about visiting Goa during the off seasons is definitely the privacy you get to enjoy. Whilst the peak seasons are thronged by tourists and visitors from all round the world, the off seasons are awfully quiet and empty with hardly just a handful of people on the beaches.

goa night life

Parties still go on – Although not as exciting as the peak seasons, the party scene in Goa still doesn’t die in the off seasons. You just have to know where to go and which beach to head to. Once you head to the right beach, you can party your socks off and the best part, the booze is almost free! Booze is extremely cheap in Goa, making it the ultimate party capital of India.

goa bike tour

No traffic (or pedestrians) – The best part about Goa is being able to hire scooters, bikes and cars for rental, however, the traffic and the streets filled with pedestrians are a big hassle during the peak seasons. None of that happens during off seasons.

goa beach tours

No queues – For any activity you wish to try your hands on, be it karting, water sports or bicycling, you will have to wait for your turn in a queue if you visit during the peak seasons. The opposite happens during off seasons and you will infact be able to do it at a cheaper rate or get a few free laps while karting.

goa resorts

Great deals on hotels – The best part! Hotels are awfully cheap during the off seasons. Peak seasons see a hike in prices of hotel rooms and shacks due to excessive demands. You can get rooms at even a cheaper rate than the normal price if you visit during the off seasons.