May 25, 2016

Holy Land Tour In Israel

When someone asks that ‘where is the holiest land in the world’, the answer is simple – The holy land of Israel. There are a number of important religious sites in Israel and this is why religious travelers take a holy land tour in this country. Traveling and watching the beauty of the world is the topmost choice of everyone. Israel trips not only give you the chance of seeing the holiest places in the world but you can also have a look at some of the best places of nature in the world. A trip to Israel offers you a number of things which you can never forget.

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Places to visit on your holy land tour

There are really a number of things you can visit in your holy land tour to Israel and the list is endless. Here are some of the best places worth visiting in the holy land of Israel.

Jerusalem – The holiest city – Your trip to Israel is never complete if you have not visited Jerusalem. There is a lot of significance of the holy city of Jerusalem which is not only the sacred place for the Jews, but is also the sacred place for Christians and Muslims. This city offers many historical and sacred places like the Western Wall, Golgotha, Christian Quarter, King David’s tomb, Church of the Holy Sepulture to name a few.

Nazareth – Nazareth is the birth place of Jesus Christ and this trip is one of the best holy land tour in Israel in the list of Israel trips list you have. The best places to visit are the Church of Annunciation, Nazareth Synagogue and Joseph’s workshop.

Galilee-What can be more beautiful than watching the Sea of Galilee crossing it via a cable car. The Sea of Galilee is the largest freshwater lake in Israel. It is very famous for its biblical associations.

The Dead Sea-Driving through the coast of the beautiful Dead Sea with the picturesque view of the Judean Desert is one of the best reasons to take a trip to Israel. You can swim in the Dead Sea without any effort due to high concentration of salt in it. The Dead Sea has the lowest point of the earth and is famous for medicinal purposes.

Masada- To see the Dead Sea from a close distance, you can visit Masada. You can’t miss the richness of the very impressive world heritage which is Herodes palace.

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A rich culture

With a rich history and favorite destinations, Israel also offers a rich culture with a number of traditions followed strictly by the people of Israel. Israel blends tradition and innovation and offers a lot of creativity which is visible not only to the Asian continent but to all the parts of the world. The prominent culture which is popular here is the Jewish culture but the country has a number of international cultural ties and gives respect to them, which is exactly why so many people decide to take a trip to Israel.

Thus you can see that Israel has a lot to offer to the travelers from all over the world. Start planning your holy land tour to Israel today so that you don’t miss the chance to enjoy your coming vacations in the best manner you can.