December 20, 2013

How to Find Affordable Accommodation in San Diego

Accommodation costs are the highest part of vacationers’ of business traveler’s bill in San Diego. Sometimes the cost of staying in a hotel is more than what a traveler pays for food and transportation. However, this does not mean that finding cheap accommodation is not possible. The process if really simple with the few steps below:How to Find Affordable Accommodation in San Diego2

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms available online. They are also excellent sources to get the best deals for hotels that you find interesting. By simply joining a discussion or having certain types of companies or people on you contact list, you can benefit from the wealth of information they share about accommodation deals in San Diego. But not all contacts and companies are created equally, so choose with care the types of contact you share information with. As a tip, only established websites with growing fan base should be considered.

Newsletter Updates

Many hotels in San Diego send out regular updates about the types of services they offer and also the types of saving you will get on accommodation. These updates can usually be information on future deals or can reveal interesting facts about current deals. Signing up for newsletter updates can help you to access real time information without paying a dime to get it.How to Find Affordable Accommodation in San Diego3

Many hotel booking websites also offer this type of service and will send daily updates to your inbox about deals they have. You simply specify that you want updates on affordable accommodation in San Diego and a list of hotels that are offering discount pricing will be sent. While the information may be accurate, and there may be no cause to question what they have in the newsletter, it does not hurt to confirm on the hotel’s website that there is really a discount option available.

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites makes it easy to compare different hotel rates in real time without having to do the grueling research yourself. You can use different filters to tailor the information according to your specific preferences. So for example, if you are looking for a hotel in X price range, but also want to ensure that it has at least 7/10 rating you can enter these parameters to filter this information. The main advantage with this feature is that price is not the only determining factor; you also get to assess the type of service offered and what others have written based on their experiences.

Consider Packages

It’s common among travelers to book hotels and flights separately without considering the cost saving of booking package deals. Many hotels have teamed up with the aviation industry to offer guest a one-stop solution that not only saves them time when booking, but also money in the process. Naturally, you can always do the research of booking certain aspects separately and assess the cost benefits associated with the arrangement. It is helpful to note that package deals do carry certain restrictions that may not be ideal for guest that are looking for flexible options when they visit San Diego.How to Find Affordable Accommodation in San Diego4

Common types of package deals usually entail car hire, accommodation and air ticket. Others may be a bit more creative and include hotel pick-up and other perks to get you interested. The key when looking for affordable accommodation in San Diego, with package deals is that you weigh the options and consider independent research as well.

Season/Time Matters

It may sound cliché, but the season and the time of the week you book your hotel in San Diego can both influence the price you ultimately pay for accommodation. Tuesday and Thursdays are usually cheaper days to book hotel or any type of travel-related service. Weekend can be very expensive unless you are booking in a low peak season. It is also important to be attentive to any festivals or holidays in San Diego as these can also hike the prices you pay for your accommodation. As a rule of thumb, to get cheap hotels in San Diego always book months in advance and opt for low peak season.

Price Bidding

Price bidding websites make it easy for guests to keep accommodation costs down and still enjoy the benefits and amenities of a fine hotel. The system can be tricky to comprehend, but knowing how much to bid and when to place a bid are important factors to take into the equation. It is also important to have location spread to increase the chances of getting your bid accepted. You should also compare hotel bidding websites to see differences in prices. Some may charge extra if your bid is accepted. When using price bidding, do not be shy to consider upscale hotels and only settle for dingy ones. You will be surprised how many of these upscale offer competitive pricing in San Diego.

To access the benefits of cheap hotels, real time information is crucial to make this possible. But how can you get useful information that will truly make it easy to find cheap hotels in San Diego?