April 25, 2014

Howrah, connecting the city of Joy to the sacred Ganges

Holidays are the fun times in our life. Not only it creates bliss in our mind, but also brings a peace and calmness in our subconscious. The heretical values and the moral sense of the countrymen have made the tourism business so favorable in India. The ordinary people of the country have also been quite interested in searching new places and exploring the unknown wonders of the town. And when you are thinking of holidays, India is the best place one should go for. The unity in diversity thinking in our country has brought some amazing versatility in its nature too. It is an amazing blend of culture with nature. And thinking about culture, there is no better place than the state of West Bengal. The city of Howrah, which comes under the state of West Bengal, is just adjacent to the city of joy Kolkata in the banks of the river Ganges. All over the quite in demand for the upcoming rising tourism plans.

The location of the Howrah district is just opposite to the city of Kolkata divided by the river Ganges. The transport system in Howrah has a major impact on the city of joy. Being adjacent to the metro city it is being risen with all the transport advantages. The roadways communication has been taken care by the national highways like G.T road and all. Next there is the railway communication. For the benefit of the fact, the Howrah railway station is the busiest railway station in the entire country. And for the foreign visitors there is the Kolkata international airport to welcome them all. All over the transport system of the city has a major impact on the tourism department itself.

Kolkata is a city of wonder, where one will find a complete blend of culture with technology. The city was ruled by various rulers of the time. Thus, it has some amazing traces of history for us to trace them down. Some of the attractions of cities are like the Belur Math which is supposed to be the home of Swami Vivekananda. Every year, many followers come here to worship them. Next there is the Botanical garden. As it is one of the government protected places, here people really do take care of the trees. And else there is the SantragachiJheel for the migratory birds to visit. Collecting all this place, Howrah has created an amazing experience for the visitors.

Being close to a metro city is not always beneficial. The pollution of the city, the crowd and many other factors also influence the tourism rate of a place too. Considering all the things, still Howrah is one such place where tourism is one of the leading economic growths.

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