August 13, 2015

Incredible Islands to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country in itself. Also, the islands off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea are some of the most famous places for tourists to Southeast Asia for visit. Many of these islands are famous all over the world for their stunning beaches and party atmosphere. However, the most incredible islands in Thailand also provide a large number of opportunities for recreation, relaxation and spiritual exploration. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, then read on to know about the must visit islands of this beautiful country!

Ko Lipekoh lipe beach tour

Sited by sea gypsies, Ko Lipe is located in the Adang-Rawi archipelago in southwest Thailand. It is a pretty small island and visitors can walk throughout the island in over an hour. This island is situated just outside of the jurisdiction of Tarutao National Park and as such is exempt from certain laws prohibiting development. Ko Lipe has three main beaches have many of staying option available that range from the natural grass huts to well-maintained air-conditioned bungalows.

Ko Samuikoh samui

Ko Samui (also spelt as Koh Samui) is amongst the most visited islands in Thailand. One can find abundance of accommodations for travelers that range from small beach bungalows to private villas on the island. There are many festivals take place every year on Koh Samui including the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, the Buffalo Fighting Festival and several street fairs with vendors selling local delicacies, souvenirs and clothing. Sailing enthusiasts may also gather for triathletes, the yearly Samui Regatta with their supporters flock to Samui for the annually Triathlon Event. Read more about Popular Attractions of Koh Samui.

Phuketphuket travel attraction

Phuket, the name is given to both a popular Thai province and the main city of the province. The entire province of Phuket covers a large island and many other smaller islands off the western coast of the mainland. Out of Bangkok, Phuket is known to be the most popular tourist area in the country and several of its picturesque beaches that mark numerous resort accommodations for its visitors. Nearby to these charming beaches, tourists will get to see flourishing nightclubs and shopping arcades. The golf courses, ancient monuments and historical museums are some of the other popular tourist attractions of this place. Read more about Exploring the best of Phuket in its beauty-revered temples.

Ko Lantakoh lanta

This place is made up of a cluster of islands off the coast of Thailand in the province of Krabi. The biggest island of this group is called ‘Ko Lanta Yai’ also simply known as ‘Ko Lanta’. Many beaches on the west coast of Ko Lanta Yai are strung with a line of beautiful beach bungalows and resorts. The region is a significant destination for water sports enthusiasts. One can enjoy several underwater sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling through which one can see the underwater coral reefs and the ocean life, including whales and manta rays. Apart from the underwater life, Ko Lanta has an abundance of tropical plant life, which includes the remnants of the ancient rainforests.

Apart from these, Ko Samet, Koh Tao, Ko Chang, Ko Phangan, Ko Tarutao and Ko Phi Phi are some of the most popular as well as visited by a huge of tourists from around the world.

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