July 1, 2015

Jim Corbett National Park – an exciting and adventurous getaway for backpackers

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest and most-popular wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is a Tiger Reserve located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand and bestowed with natural richness featuring rugged and gentle landscapes. A large number of tourists visit the national park, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Visit the national park during the vacations for a fun holiday and pick your choice from the best hotels in Corbett.jim corbett national park


Jim Corbett National Park is an endeavor started to protect the tigers which were on the verge of extinction a few years back. It is one of the most well-protected wildlife sanctuaries in the country where any kind of hunting is strictly not allowed. It is situated on National Highway 121 and is well-connected to all major Indian cities. It is an imperative part of Uttarakhand state as it is home to a wide and diverse flora and fauna, which also includes some rare species. It falls within the district of Nainital, in proximity to Pauri district. It is one of the oldest wildlife reserves in the country, which makes the national park even more significant.reason to visit jim corbett

The national park covers an area of 521 sq. k.m. of diverse landscape between the Terai and the Himalayan mountain ranges. The park along with the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Reserve Forest forms a wider, bigger protected area which is over 1288 sq. k.m. It consists of water-streams, rivers and ridges criss-crossing through the terrain, sal forests, khair-sissoo forests and chaurs covering most of the region, wetlands, and grassy-fields that are both gentle as well as rugged. The rich ecology and the favorable climate support numerous animal, plants, and reptiles species. According to data there are over 600 kinds of flora that include bamboo, herbs, shrubs, climbers, ferns, and grasses.jeep safari jim corbett

Although the region still lacks some of the basic parameters of modernization, but there is no dearth of hotels and other lodging options. If one seeks the best stay then the 5 Star hotels in Corbett are the ideal options to pick.

The prime highlights of the park are the Bengal Tigers and the Asian Elephants. After the park was declared a National Tiger Reserve there has been an increase in the number of tigers, which was decreasing on a fast rate due to the mindless hunting of the tigers. Spotting a tiger is totally dependent on luck. However, elephants can be spotted easily. Besides, visiting the areas where the fauna concentration is the highest, such as the river banks may provide one the opportunity to spot a tiger. The other significant animals and reptiles include: leopard, spotted deer, nilgai, sloth bear, langur, sambar, barking deer, Indian marsh crocodile, king cobra, python, and Russel viper. The park is also a heaven for the bird-watchers and being in the jungles means an opportunity to spot hornbill, stork, woodpecker, wagtail, kingfisher, falcon, peacock, sunbird, and red start etc.naintal hotels
Road is the only mode to reach the tourist destination. The Uttarakhand Transport Services run regular intra-state public buses. They are the budget-friendly modes to access Corbett National Park. Taxis and private cabs are also available. Besides, transportation services to nearest airport and railway station are also offered by some hotels in Corbett.