April 12, 2016

Kolkata and the Delightful Places around to Visit

The City of Joy, Kolkata, was previously the capital of India under the British Raj from 1773-1911. Today, a vital metropolitan of India, Kolkata is the most socially settled city in the country with countless aspects dedicated to arts, history, and society of the city. The overall public of Kolkata are known for their sweet tongue and warm hearts, and therefore a visit to this city is recommended for those hunting down that dosage of a legacy walk. Also, try and take an extra mile ahead to the intriguing getaways from Kolkata. Your journey will be deemed complete then!


Best time to visit Kolkata is in the midst of the months of October-December, to value the city visit effortlessly. Talking about December, remember to walk around the rich Park Street to go to the best Christmas party in Kolkata! To reach Kolkata, if you are coming from Mumbai, then it’s best to take the Kolkata Mail (Mumbai CST- Howrah). You can even check the 12322 running status on the internet anytime for enhanced convenience.

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In the meantime, here’s a short manual of some of the best places to visit in Kolkata, and around it.




An impeccable retreat for the mind and soul. Genuinely, this is one shoreline on the Bay of Bengal that has a reasonably shallow waveline, and hence one can walk shoeless on the beach for a remedial walk. Mandarmani is 170 km from Kolkata and is one of the best spots around the city, perfect for the lovebirds out there.

shantiniketan kolkata



Home to Rabindranath Tagore and his vision as a Viswa Bharati University, Shantiniketan is a surreal sanctuary close to Kolkata, ideal for a winter visit. Do visit the Poush Mela (at the season of Makar Sankranti) which marks the beginning of winter. Additionally, visit the history-stacked art gallery and parks in and around Shantiniketan to know more about the way of life of the little town.

raichak kolkata



A convincing retreat for the weekend to loosen up, Raichak is a champion amongst the most worshiped spots to visit close to Kolkata. Orchestrated on a course, twisted exactly 50 km far from Kolkata and 15 km from Diamond Harbor, and engineered on the Raichak Jetty, this used to be home to a Dutch Fort created in the eighteenth century. Later, the Radisson group of inns changed it over into an eminent lodging resort. Stroll around in the untainted environment, extricate up and unwind yourself in the resort’s ultra nervy spa and play some golf on the off chance that you wish.

digha kolkata



Accepted to be the most stunning shoreline in West Bengal, Digha has the right environment to amp up winter escape. It is a truly dreamlike spot, with abundance of serene vibes around, and makes for that immaculate loosening up weekend on the beach. The mornings here are a touch unconcerned, however the evenings are all that much flawless, especially in October.




Situated at the point of the Kangsabati and Kumari conduits, this inquisitive town is a great getaway in the Bankura region of West Bengal. The Mukutmanipur repository was produced to supply water to the neighboring agrarian towns. The dam, with incorporating slants, and a rich green spread to it, is an impeccable winter resort for an agreeable and loosening up getaway.

Kolkata is exceptionally very much associated by means of air and rail through every last real city in India. So, like you could track the 12322 running status easily, you can also look for other suitable alternatives to reach Kolkata. There is no dearth of connectivity with this city.

Have a happy trip!