May 26, 2016

Maharaja’s Express Booking for Couples with Children

Maharaja’s Express is a luxury train in India. A lot of people from various parts of the world visit India for an exotic vacation. Luxury train is the best option to enjoy all tourist attractions in India with the ease and luxury of a royal train traveller. You would be familiar with the amenities, services and decor of the train. What do you know about the Maharaja’s Express booking process? The booking process is already complicated and it is more confusion when you are booking for your children. This article will explain in detail about travelling with children in Maharaja’s Express.

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Cost of tickets

Any child above the age of 12 will be considered as an adult. If your child is below the age of 12, proof of age should be submitted. Your passport can also be considered as a proof of age. Sometimes a copy of the age proof would be requested during the Maharaja’s Express booking process. A child below the age of 5 will not be charged additionally. A child between 5 and 12 will be charged 50% of the adult ticket.

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Child accommodation

It would have been stated that other than presidential suite, a cabin can hold only two members. The term member here represents adults only. A child less than 5 years can share the double bed in the room. A child between age of 5 and 12 can either share the room with the parents or choose a separate cabin. In case of child staying in a separate cabin, 50% of the adult ticket cost and supplement charges would be implied. If double beds are available during the Maharaja’s Express booking process, the child can share the bed with the parents.

Two / three children accommodation

In case of two children between age of 5 and 12; the children should share a separate cabin. Each child would be charged 50% of the ticket cost. Other than the presidential suite, no two cabins would be interconnected.  In case of three children accommodation, two children can share a cabin and another child can be allocated another cabin or; three children can share a cabin with double bed. In case of the third child in separate cabins, complete Maharaja’s Express price for supplement services of the cabin would be charged along with 50% of adult ticket price. Though the children are in separate cabin, they should share guide, car or bus transportation and others together with the parents. In case of separate facility requirement, additional charges would be levied.

Child friendly environment

Though the train welcomes children onboard and also provide special services in terms of diet requirements for children, it is up to the parents to maintain a child friendly environment around their children. The train holds a sophisticated adult atmosphere with bars, lounges and others. Parents can stay with the children during the train travel other than sleeping and it is up to them to control their child’s exposure. There is a library, board games, panoramic window car and other facilities for children to enjoy their vacation from day one.  Some trips might take a long walk or long standing time. In case of a child not able to cope with the situation, the child can stay back in the train. But, the cost for that particular activity would not be reimbursed. A medical professional will be onboard to serve any medical emergencies. But, it is parents’ duty to bring all required medications and other needs with them. Since, all medicines might not be available on-board always.

Read through the itinerary and learn whether your child would enjoy the list of attraction in that route. There are a lot of child friendly activities like boating safari, bird watching, garden visits and others. You can choose the itinerary that seems fit for your children and booking accordingly.

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