September 11, 2016

Make Your Thailand Holidays Better than Ever

Thailand is a mix of everything that one needs as a tourist. It has a mix of all essential ingredients to make your visit one hell of a trip. Thailand is one of the favorite tourist destinations in South East Asia. Thailand offer anything and everything to tourists, right from huge malls to superb private resorts and great beaches to historically religious sites. Mention an interest, Thailand has it for you.

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Adding on to this, the cheap flight costs to reach this wonderful place makes this country almost irresistible. However, there is going to be plenty of competition for those flight tickets, so plan your trip well in advance and wait for the right moment to seize your tickets. Despite welcoming millions of tourists each year, Thailand has retained its cultural qualities and established its identity as a trademark tourist location throughout the world.

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Top Places to Visit in Thailand

With all the hype going into visiting this amazing country, there should be few places of great significance for tourists, shouldn’t it? The top four places that one should include in Thailand tour packages from India are:

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Bangkok: The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. It is a scintillating capital, which can leave tourists awestruck with its sheer magnificence. Bangkok offers everything a tourist needs. Right from age-old temples to magnanimous malls to delectable foods. Most tourists who want to visit Thailand first land in this capital city and rejoice in the greatness of this place. You can visit the Bangkok Temples, Grand Palace, Jim Thomson’s House and the Great National Museum. This place is famous for shopping as well. Visit the floating market and stay at luxury hotels at very low rates.

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Phuket: This is no less a magnet as Bangkok, with great places of interests which entice people to this place. Phuket is known for its natural wonders, balmy beaches, and lush green forests. Relax at resorts in Phuket and relieve the stress from your daily life, with great beach resorts. Jet Skiing, skydiving, paragliding, boating, and windsurfing are few of the sports to enjoy in this place filled with beaches. Check out the Thai Village, Orchid Farm, and the Phuket Aquarium if you do not want the water sports life.

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Chiang Mai: Thai dynasties are quite famous, aren’t they? Well, Chiang Mai offers a great view of what Thai dynasties looked like and has evolved to become a metropolis of the rich traditions and cultures of Thailand. Hotels, spas, active nightlife, Buddhist temples, and amiable denizens, name it, and you can enjoy them here. Chiang Mai is a place for the adventure enthusiasts with great adventure trips taking place here. Best suited for solo travelers, who wish to rejoice and bathe in the greatness of adventure and tradition of Thailand.

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Pattaya: Pattaya is an entertainment paradise boasting of activities and adventures for travelers well into the night. A hassle-free city, very close to Bangkok, Pattaya is a famous tourist spot in its right. The sports and adventure activities at Pattaya leaves you with a lasting impression.

Thailand! The name says it all. With all these, and much more, Thailand is a must in anyone’s bucket list, whether they are on a trip to Asia or even planning a trip.