August 29, 2016 Most Beguiling Theme Parks in Chennai

Most Beguiling Theme Parks in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is a dazzling spot to live in. Not only there are some stunning shopping markets in Chennai, but also a ton of mainstream vacation destinations. As a rule on the weekends, people either love to hang out for shopping or they love to immerse their senses in the energetic currents of water at the various Water Parks in Chennai. Being a significantly huge city, there are some great Amusement and Water Parks in Chennai which are ideal destinations to beat the scorching heat of summer in this city. Let’s explore some of the best ones.

Although there are some well known theme parks in Chennai, but the following list incorporates the names of some of the most sought after, and worth your money amusement parks in Chennai. Plan a family outing at the earliest.

Queens Land

queens land in chennai

Queensland Theme Park is the most prevalent water parks in Chennai. It was opened in 2003 and can be found on the Chennai-Bangalore expressway at an hour’s drive from Chennai. It is spread over a gigantic area of 70 acres of land and undoubtedly is one of the best places in Chennai for children to spend their summer vacations. They would love the rides and activities accessible at the Queensland amusement park. The amusement park has extensive variety of rides and you can see grown-ups behaving like children and having a great time at the rides in this theme park in Chennai.

MGM Dizzee World

mgm dizzee world chennai images

Bragging of more than 60 rides which incorporate both delightful as well as water rides, MGM guarantees an exciting experience for everybody. The most well known of all is the Maryworld which is a perfect spot for children to appreciate rides and meet nursery rhyme characters like Giant boot, Humpty Dumpty and Pumpkins to give some examples. Aside from the rides, this park also has an amphitheater, which is an incredible venue for a great deal of occasions. There are 4 eateries inside the entertainment mecca which serves a wide range of foods from Chinese, South-Indian to different assortments of fast-food.

Dash n Splash Water Park


Dash-n-Splash is a dazzling water park where you can mess around with your loved ones. This amusement park is located in the Mevallur Kuppam Village at around a distance of 30 kms from Chennai city. The recreation center was built in the year 1995 on the Chennai-Bangalore highway. Dash-n-Splash is a spot where you will find enthusiasts of all age groups. The greenery, water pools, coconut grooves and a huge shaded territory of the amusement park makes the spot a must-visit destination in Chennai.


Kishkinta Theme Park


Spread across an area of over 120 acres of land of man-made hill slopes and lakes, this colossal amusement park is situated close to the Vandalur Railway station and is only 13 kilometers far from south of the Anakaputhur. From six to sixty years of age, whether you go in gathering or with family, this amusement park will without a doubt engross you with its attractions, children’s rides, water diversions and different other delights.


VGP Universal Kingdom


VGP Universal Kingdom has the reputation of giving its guests fun and excitement to the core. It has more than 37 rides, sprawling yards by the beach, lush patio nurseries, live global shows each year, theme and festival celebration, food courts, multi cuisine restaurants, all of which will make you have an inclination that you are in an alternate world. VGP Aqua Kingdom is the Biggest Water Park in Chennai.

Once you are sure of the IRCTC ticket availability for Chennai, the next thing you must do is, add some swimming costumes, sunscreens, glares, and of course a camera, to make the most of your outing to these water parks in Chennai. Do the happy dance, now!