August 8, 2016

Most Scenic School Campuses in India

School time is the best phase of everyone’s lives. The place where we grew up walking around the corridors and learnt the fundamental lessons of life, always is a bit more dearer to us than our homes. It’s significantly all the more legitimate for people who went to boarding schools subsequent to, for them, the school was a spot to learn, as well as to live. Moreover, that is the reason India has such an assortment of charming school campuses, which are alluring to the point, that you would simply have a craving for spending the upcoming part of your life in that very spot.


Here is a rundown of the finest, schools across India which not just have an ethereal environment around, but also have given the country probably the most known and splendid identities. Doubtlessly, their campuses are well-suited for movie sets, as well as for being the perfect muse to an artist. Just look at these!

mayo college

Mayo College, Ajmer

One of the leading boarding schools of India, the Mayo College was started as an establishment for the respectable and high class. Its campus gloats of cutting edge technology, including a polo ground, a colossal golf course, sports and extracurriculars like swimming, shooting, horse-riding, tennis, hockey, soccer, and boxing, et al. The school looks glorious, and has delivered probably the most refined and courteous men of our nation. You can take a direct Alwar to Ajmer train, or can even hit the roads if coming from Delhi.


Doon School, Dehradun

doon school dehradun images

The Doon School is a member of the G20 school committee and Round Square gathering. The school expands across seventy acres of land, and gives the best of atmosphere that empower experiential learning for any student. Actually, the students are enlisted the moment they are born, in view of the long waiting list, and no certification of affirmation. So in the event that you too are wanting to get your child enrolled here, be as early as possible.


St. George’s College, Mussoorie

st george's college mussoorie

Enveloped by a brilliant perspective, St. George’s College has a swimming pool, tennis courts, amusement centres, and a doctor’s facility, amongst the distinctive acquisitions, exhibiting that the school authorities are very much considerate toward the general well being of the students, as much as they do for their studies and grooming.


Sherwood College, Nainital


Legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Param vir chakra awardee Major Somnath Sharma and some more, are an alumni of this establishment. Its delightful environs unquestionably ended up being invigorating for them. Indeed, even tourists going to Nainital demand taking a quick tour through its campus. Well, you can actually see this school in the Bollywood blockbuster Koi Mil Gya, where it was the place where Hrithik Roshan used to study. Does that ring a bell?


St. Paul’s. Darjeeling


What can be a more supporting environment for motivating students to study better than the rich green environs of Darjeeling? Students of St. Paul’s are lucky, without a doubt. The school was at first built for giving quality education to the underprivileged, and therefore, it has made a name for itself as a best-in-class establishment for education. Today, this very campus pulls in students from probably the most honorable families around the world. Also, being featured in the Bollywood hit Main Hoon Na, the school has attracted a lot of tourist footfall.


Don’t you wish you were a part of one of these prestigious, and beautiful campuses? Although, we all love our schools, but if given a chance, wouldn’t you get yourself enrolled in one of these beautiful grounds? We definitely would!