March 31, 2015

Must Stay Vacation Spots In The UK

If you are visiting the UK, you are probably here for a while, especially if you have had a long haul flight to get there. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. That means you have four countries and four very different accents to enjoy! The best thing about having four countries to visit is you have four times the culture, four times the places to visit, and four times the fun while you are there.

We give you the best of each for your vacation to the UK:

Scotland – With some of the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world to enjoy, as well as some of the remotest, Scotland is wild and hardy. The cities are bustling, and Edinburgh enjoys world fame as home to the best Arts festival in the world. Outside of the cities, the landscape should not be missed, and one of the best ways to make the most of all that Scotland has to offer is to stay in a static caravan. This puts you in the landscape and offers you the opportunity to fish, and learn about outdoor life in this rugged land. Check out holiday parks like Lomond Woods Holiday Park for a great family vacation spot.edinburg castle

Edinburgh Castle photograph courtesy of

Northern Ireland – The Giant’s Causeway is what people come here for, but the people, the culture, and the nightlife are what make you stay. Much of the Irish way of life is very present here, and you can easily find all the Irish heritage and history when you stay in a city like Belfast. There may have been some troubles in the past, but this city really does give you a great flavor what the Irish hold dear about their history. Take on some Irish arts and culture, and the odd pint of Guinness to thoroughly enjoy all this great city has to

Wales – Cardiff is the capital, and it is with good reason. This city is immaculate. It has a great nightlife, great shopping and is a perfect center for culture and the arts. Head out to the coast to really start hearing the beautiful Welsh language. Don’t worry, everything is bilingual so you can get by without your phrase book! There are dozens of great Welsh dishes to enjoy during your stay here too. The areas around the coast are beautiful but do take the time to visit some of the old mining villages to soak up the full history of this little country.england tour

England – With so many incredible cities like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Portsmouth to enjoy, you may think of taking a city break here. But there is plenty more to see and do in England. Camp in the Lake District, Cycle through the Midlands, or visit the canals across the Fenlands. Eat curry or fish and chips on a Friday night, and stay for a soccer match to really get the culture of the English. Finish your stay with some spirituality at Stonehenge. Enjoy your vacation!