April 9, 2015

Experience euphoria while exploring Nainital, the honeymoon capital

A trip to any destination depends on various aspects. Of course facets like the time that is the season one is visiting the destination, the tourist attractions in the destination, the mode one is taking to reach the destination, the hotel or lodge where the traveler will be staying, etc. are the most significant aspects. It is always wise to think-plan a trip before actually embarking on the journey.honeymoon in naintal

If hill station and its whimsical allures are what that simply grabs your attention, then it is best that you try one or two of the countless hill stations of the nation. India has no shortage of hill stations that are magical enough that a traveler often extends his stay in the town.nainital tour

Nainital is one is one such destination that flourishes in the stunning regions of the Uttarakhand state. A trip to this quaint little town is always a nice experience. Without doubt, it basically acts as the summer resort in the northern regions of the nation. An ideal place to beat the summer heat, the mercury level here never goes up. The small streets and the major attractions of the town never goes scarce of the tourists and nature enthusiasts. A perfect place for the honeymooners, Nainital is a town with some of the world’s most appetizing cuisines, colorful variety of shops, and warm-welcoming locals.

Popular places to visit:

The Nanda Devi temple and Naini Lake are the two major attractions which attract thousands of tourists from all over the country towards Nainital. These two attractions are the most popular virtues of the town, and almost everyone in the town is in knowledge of these. Meanwhile, note that most of the popular Nainital hotels are situated in the vicinity of the lake. Nonetheless, coming back to the topic in consideration, the place where the Nanda Devi temple today stands; it is believed that on the very spot fell the seared eyes of the goddess Sati. It is on reference to this belief the lake is given the name of Naini Tal, which means the eye lake, or lake of an eye. On the other side, it is on reference to the lake the town derives its name. Head to the lake for a fun boating experience that will show one the most magnificent of the sky reaching the hills, which surround the lake. Additionally, don’t forget to pay homage to the goddess Sati in the highly revered Nanda Devi temple.naina devi temple nainital

One kilometer from the town’s bus stand, lies another popular attraction. It is the Nainital Zoo, which is one amongst the best zoos that the country has. It has a good concentration of rich and diverse species of animals, plants, trees, and birds. Snow leopard, barking deer, Palm Civet cat, Siberian tiger, Himalayan Black bear are the pretty popular among the children as well as adults.nainital zoo

Other than these, the other top recommended places to visit in Nainital include: The Governor’s House, Dorothy’s Seat, Naina Peak (also called as China Peak), St. John’s Church. Those who love shopping the Mall Road is the hot spot, and feel free t bargain on items that you like.3 star hotel in naintal
A good thing about the town is that lodging here comes in all possible types and ranges. There are cheap guest houses, tourist lodges, mid-range 3 Star hotels in Nainital, to the big budget luxury hotels. A major reason for the high concentration of hotels in the town is that it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, and receives a high count of tourists yearly.

Author Bio: Dimpy Roy, a travel writer working with an Online Travel Guide helps travelers to find best 3 star hotels in Nainital.