April 4, 2016

Neemrana Fort – A true monument of beauty in Rajasthan

One of the most beautiful landmarks in the northern region of India is the Neemrana Fort. Set just about a 100 km from the national capital of New Delhi, this is a sight you will miss to catch if you travel by the New Delhi to Jaipur train. Take a road trip and plan your trip accordingly to thoroughly enjoy your stay in this beautiful fort palace.

neemrana market

New Delhi has a host of numerous destinations which makes up for a great road trip. The  reason as to why you should take a road trip to Jaipur instead of taking the New Delhi to Jaipur train is that, just 100 km along the way to Jaipur, on the right side, is the majestic Neemrana Fort Palace. You can take a pit stop there or just spend an entire day or two in this beautiful place. Experience the freedom by checking in into this massive royal palace and know what it is to live like a king in a palace which is spread more than 3 acres of land at Village Neemrana.

There are in total 63 rooms in this Fort palace The pricing of the rooms are very decent compared to its stature with single rooms costing at just INR 3500 per night! There is only a slight difference in the pricing of deluxe and premium rooms. The double rooms are priced at around INR 7000 per night, which is again very reasonable. There are 17 floors in total and the checking in and out timings are the standard timings of 12:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

neemrana fort

In the mornings one can refresh themselves by taking a plunge into the blue waters of its open air pool, which sit above the city territory. Visitors can make the most of their dropping so as to morning breakfast in at the Raj Mahal and the Hawa Mahal. A luxurious lunch and supper can be savored at the Aam Khas, Panch Mahal, Amaltas, Aranya Mahal or the Holy Kund. There is likewise a very much prepared wellbeing spa, a library and indoor amusements for the entertainment of the visitors.

This fifteenth century Rajput post, now a legacy lodging, set in 6 sections of land crosswise over numerous level, is one of the finest retreats in India, roosted on a level in the Aravali Hills in Alwar locale with shocking perspectives. The rooms and suites, each with an alternate name, which change in size (the least expensive can be confined), are showstoppers and the design is intriguing and amusing to investigate. The rooms are deliberately TV free. The primary eatery serves Rajasthani and better than average European dishes and is interested in alien visitors on the off chance that they have reservations. There’s a weather beaten yet beguiling stepwell to find close-by (request bearings). They offer day bookings also for 60% less, day by day aside from weekends. Go overboard a little and settle on a suite; littler ones are just a tiny bit more. Exercises, for example, zip-lining and hot-air expanding can be masterminded.

While the spectacular view of the sunsets, complimentary breakfasts and spas are a plus point to this place, it may sometimes pose some discomfort to people due to its fixed meal timings, the unavailability of room service and it can also get quite crowded on weekends due to the sightseers. But can you blame them for wanting to witness this majestic piece of history?