January 30, 2016

Of Sand Dunes and a Rich Cultural Heritage – Welcome to Jaisalmer

Settled nimbly in the heart of the Thar Desert, the Golden City of Jaisalmer is stamped by its amazing yellow sandstone structures along with the elevated Jaisalmer Fort with its capable 99 bastions. Jaisalmer is home to presumably the most true blue and finest Rajputana components which add an honest flavor of splendour to the spirit of Rajasthan. The velvet sand slopes, sparkling splendidly in the sunshine with camels cruising gracefully through the desert, make for the typical Jaisalmer scene. Explore the gems of the city.


Jaisalmer city has the extravagance of the imperial customs and traditions, embellished with the tenable Rajasthani music and folk dances. If you are one of those who dream of palaces, love to tap on the folk music and dances, and can spend hours listening to the historical insights of a place, then you can even check out Jodhpur. Once done, take a Jodhpur to JaisalmerĀ car to reach the Golden City and take a look at these things one must experience while in this city.

jaisalmer fort

1- Jaisalmer Fort

Standing strong since 1647, the Jaisalmer Fort is the purpose of enthusiasm of the Golden City of Jaisalmer. On entering Jaisalmer, one can’t neglect this great sight of the stronghold sitting over the city with a stature of 250 feet. Secretly known as the Sonar Qila, the Jaisalmer Fort is the most searched for after excursion destination in the city. The wells within the post serve as the essential wellspring of water to almost one fourth of the city’s kin that still lives within the fortress premises. Shocked?

maharaja palace jaisalmer

2- Maharaja’s Palace

The Maharaja’s Palace towers over the Jaisalmer Fort’s essential square and is a seven storeyed structure of the Maharaja of Jaisalmer. A visit through this mansion is one hair raising affair with a particular showcase of the finest and rarest pieces from the past ruler’s life. The highlights of the visit to the regal habitation is the Queen’s Palace, Rang Mahal, and the widely inclusive points of view of the city from the top of the palace.

harish queen

3- Queen Harish

In reality, this isn’t any old ruler from the past up ’til now depicting the stories of her past, however, Queen Harish is a male, a jewel of a man, who spruces up like a woman and the way he dances with utter grace, any skilled female dancer can be put to shame. One of the most sought after attractions in Jaisalmer, the moves of Queen Harish is steadily circulating around the web all through the world, with some Japanese, Indian and American dance students and aficionados anxious to pick up this stand-out dance form from this individual.


4- Kuldhara Abandoned Village

In case you visit this surrendered town of Kuldhara, set yourself up for a creepy looking road that escorts the town and hope to be welcomed by a fairly frightening looking old man who will welcome you at the village entryway to collect the entry fees. The Kuldhara Village has a greatly understood legend associated with it which you ought to listen to from a few neighborhood individuals left in the surrendered site.

How to Reach?
Jodhpur Airport is the closest and the most trusted air terminals for the people of Jaisalmer since the city does not have a commercial air base. So while planning to fly to Jaisalmer, check ahead with Air India Airlines, Spicejet, and others if they ply to Jaisalmer, otherwise Jodhpur is the best airport to bank upon.