April 29, 2014

Opt For The Best Holiday Packages For Raichur To Enjoy Your Summer Vacations

Raichur is a prominent city situated in Karnataka state. The place is sited on the banks of river Tungabhadra and is regarded as one of the most popular cities in Karnataka. Raichur has a rich historical background and has also been an eminent part of great diversified leaders namely Vijayanagara and Bahmanis.

The place has several attractive tourist spot that is located in and around the city. Among these attractions, the most eminent places are Raichur fort, Jami Masjid, Ramagadde, Pir Sailani Shah Tomb, etc. These places portray best artistic designs and structures that are beautifully constructed with creative architectural style. Furthermore, you can also avail accommodation facilities with great ease. In this place, you can find all types of resorts and hotels from cheap ones to luxury ones. There are several holiday packages for Raichur that provide you an opportunity of visiting prominent places in Raichur.

The popular tourist attraction spots in Raichur city are as follows:

  • Raichur fort: One of the famous tourist places in Raichur is this Raichur fort that was built in the year 1294 by Kakatiyas. The outstanding architectural work and design are the major USP of this fort. The fort is well bounded by enthralling walls with beautiful engravings and structures. Moreover, the fort comprises of five gates, namely Mecca Darwaza, Khandak Darwaza, Kati Darwaza and Doddi Darwaza. The place is mostly visited by tourists and also proffers you with scenic beauty of nature especially at sunrise.
  • Tomb of Saint Pir Sailani Shah: This tomb is the most popular tomb in the Raichur city, which is completely devoted to the prominent Pir Sailani Shah. The tomb comprises of a small shaped rectangular hall that has an arch opening in each direction. The main appeal of the tomb lies in its architectural design that’s well shaped and rested on the support of 4 beautifully designed pillars.
  • Ek Minar Masjid: This Masjid is regarded as sacred and attracts several tourists and visitors. The Masjid is very crowded and was constructed during the era of Shah Bahmani. The architectural design of this Masjid signifies the Persian architectural style. The main appeal of the Masjid is its twisted pair of staircases.
  • Markandeshwara Temple: This temple is beautifully designed and is located in Kallur, Raichur city. The temple includes ancient shrines and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is named Markandeshwara, as he was one of the prominent idols of Lord Shiva.

Other than these places, Raichur is also famous for several festivals and fairs that are organized every year. These festivals are Raichur Rangotsava and Karahunnime and are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Moreover, you can also pay a visit to some nearby places and cities like Bangalore that is located at a distance of 408 kms; Bellary, Gulbarga and Kurnool to get an enjoyable holiday experience. So, quickly avail best holiday packages for Raichur and witness the natural beauty of these prominent places.