June 27, 2017 5 Outdoor Adventures in Phoenix

5 Outdoor Adventures in Phoenix

Arizona’s dry, sunny climate makes it an ideal spring and fall destination. When you visit Phoenix, you’ll want to spend tons of time outdoors. Before you arrive, book tours and plan exciting outdoor activities. See the stars in the desert at night, visit a very salty river, or cheer on college sports. Use the following suggestions as the starting point for planning your time in Phoenix.

Take a Moonlit Hike

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The desert is dangerous at night, yes, but it is also very beautiful. Take a hike at night guided by a ranger and experience nature under the stars, which you’ll be able to see in grand and breathtaking detail. Check with the Maricopa County Parks and Rec Department to find a moonlight hike to take. You’ll see things like glowing scorpions, Gila monsters, and plants that only bloom at night.

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Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

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Go as high as 3,000 feet in the air in the basket of a hot air balloon. You’ll see panoramic views of the Sonoran Desert and the city of Phoenix. If you take a balloon at dusk or dawn, you’ll get to view sunrise or sunset unimpeded by buildings, and from a new angle. On the flight, you’ll probably see lots of animals on the ground, like jackrabbits, coyotes, and roadrunners. This is a picturesque way to experience the nature around Phoenix.

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Cheer on the Sun Devils

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Would you rather experience the outdoors without leaving civilization? You don’t have to stray far from your Phoenix hotel to enjoy the Arizona air and have an afternoon full of fun. The ASU Sun Devils have a gorgeous baseball stadium, which is always worth visiting to see a game. You can also watch tennis, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, and a bunch of other athletics, so you’re certain to discover a game you want to see!

Float or Paddle Salt River

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Rent an inner tube at Salt River and float your way through mountains, forest, and desert. You can take shorter trips that last between an hour and a half and two hours, or longer trips that are almost five hours, depending on your starting and ending points. If you’d rather have a more active view of the bluffs and red rocks as you meander along the water, take a paddle board out instead. It’s sure to give your arms a great workout!

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Do a Jeep Tour

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See the desert in a Jeep, which goes off-road in the most extreme way possible. These are the Jeeps that can drive up almost vertical rock faces and will take you into parts of the desert you might never hike to. Don’t worry — you can choose your extremity level based on which company and which tour you choose. Pick a tour with a naturalist guide, so you can learn fascinating facts about the landscape you’re visiting.

Pack your sunscreen, and remember that the desert temperature drops pretty significantly at night, so sweaters, boots, and jeans are good to remember, too! Of course, the most important thing you must have with you is a camera. Have fun in Phoenix!

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