May 1, 2014

10 Awesome Places To Hike In Italy

Italy has some of the most amazing trails for hiking in the world. From the scenic valleys, natural forests and hills, Italy’s trails, cater to a diverse range of hikers. The treks are ideal for the adventurous individuals, those looking for quiet and peace and even the history enthusiasts. The best part about Italy’s trails is that most are accessible all through the year

Rocky and adventurous trails

Bocca Di Brenta Pass, Valle d’Aosta, Basilicata region

• These trails are perfect for hikers who are more adventurous. These are individuals who enjoy difficult trails with various forms of escarpments along the way.

• They combine a hiking and rock climbing experience, which caters to the very adventurous hikers visiting Italy.

• These trails do not allow people to set up camp, this is because the tents maybe, in fact, not safe. Tourists are required to spend the nights in already set up refugee cabins. Here one can socialize with others as well as find new experiences in terms of paths to take and activities to engage in on the trails.

Scenic and peaceful trails

Acosta Valley, Florentine hills, Cinque Terre and Sentiero degli Dei

• These provide an ideal hike for families traveling with children because they are not overly exerting, and tiresome.

• They include ideal picnic areas where families and friends can sit, relax and enjoy a meal while on the trail and during the hike.

• Most are not overnight trails, but where families want to spend the night, tents and sleeping bags can be provided for rent at the beginning of the trail. These trails are essentially very safe and, therefore, do not require additional preparation.

Historical trails

Sentiero degli Dei, Anello Del Rinascimento, Torre Salsa

From Rome to northern Italy, the country is full of rich history. Hikers are often treated to the journeys made by saints to Rome, artists on their path to finding fame or inspiration and even musicians in the long ages. Many of the historically designed trails are easy and can be completed within a day.

• They follow the footsteps mostly of saints and famous Italian personalities renowned throughout the world. They include a guided tour where one can learn more about their favorite historical personality.

• The trails often go through small villages where one can rest, enjoy the rich Italian culture and find little traditional trinkets which can be collected as souvenirs for their personal collection or can be gifted to somebody.

• For these trails, if you do not want to spend the entire day on the trail, with a UK drivers licence , you can rent a car that you can drive to through the first part of the trails. In addition, there are buses, which can be used as transportation means through parts of the trails.

Choosing an ideal trail depends mostly on the company with you, as well as the experience that one has in terms of hiking. It is important to choose a trail that offers a slight, but manageable challenge for all hikers. In addition, a trail that includes various other activities such as swimming, picnics and socializing activities is perfect when on holiday.