August 6, 2014

Best Bistros to Visit In Paris

Visiting bistros in Paris is like visiting an institution that teaches you how the simplest kind of food tastes great. Bistros are the places where gastronomic adventurers satisfy their hunger. You get cozy and friendly environment to enjoy your food at reasonable prices. However, if you are visiting Paris like a tourist you might get confused with the variety of bistros in Paris. For those tourists here are five best bistros in Paris:paris-france
1. Allard
Allard, currently owned by Alain Ducasse, has been a symbol of the fundamental cuisine since 1930. The Marthe and Marcel Allard, who were simple people that believed in tradition, established the bistro. Their simplicity and family spirit made it one of the best bistro in Paris. When twenty years ago Alain Ducasse took over, he kept the same setting of lace curtains, brass fixtures, same old plush banquettes, and simple white tablecloths. Allard’s Chef, Laetitia Rouabach specializes in delivering traditional French cuisine like baked eggs with mushrooms, beef cheek with carrots in a copper pan and poultry juice with garlic bread. They offer amazing wine labels like Meursault.

2. L’Ami Louis
Although, the price at L’Ami Louis are sky high, but the food is unforgettable. Chef Antoine Magnin founded it in 1924. This is one of the most famous bistro in the world, but rated as the worst restaurant in the world just because it has only twelve tables. This bistro believes in traditional food and serves it in a traditional French setting. It offers the simplest of meals like scallops sautéed with persillade and olive oil, roasted chicken with potatoes, and potato cake made with duck fat. It is a meat lover’s paradise offering grilled beef. You won’t forget the dessert made with wild strawberries and crème fraiche. On top, they have the best wine list to go with the heavenly food. arc_de_triomphe_paris

3. Aux Lyonnais
Before this place served food, it served as a warehouse that stored coal and wood. Fouet family took over the place to serve wines and slowly it became a bistro. After Second World War, Daniel Violet took over to create the Paris’ famous Bouchon Lyonnais. Today, Alain Ducasse and Thierry De La Brosse run this bistro with updated cuisine, but still the old traditional food of Aux Lyonnais is still popular. The ingredients are still authentic and use regional produce, but modern Aux Lyonnais serves it with a garnish.

4. Benoit
In 2012, it celebrated its 100th anniversary. It is the only Parisian bistro that has received a Michelin star. Petit family ran this place for 93 years until the Alain Ducasse Group and Thierry de la Brosse took over. Benoit offers a place for family dining with an old-fashioned environment of banquettes, white tablecloths, lace curtains, and brass fixtures. The bistro offers escargots with garlic butter, veal’s head in vinaigrette sauce and good old classic cassoulet. It offers one of the best wine collection from the different regions of France.BrasserieDuLouvre1

5. Bistrot Paul Bert
You can call this place as perfect bistro. However, it was a butcher shop and for remembrance meat hook is still anchored to the ceiling. Though the place is worn out with time, food served is best and in reasonable prices. You can buy a simple truffle sunny side egg for just 38 euros. Food includes some of the old school cuisine like squab roasted in its own juice and calf’s liver with vegetables. In addition, simple crepes, Alsatian tarte and endives and chocolate cake are some food that you must not miss.

Really, want to experience the classic old tradition bistros of Paris, then book your flight and fill out your Esta Application because nothing gets more authentic than a Parisian bistro.