April 25, 2014

Plan a trip to the exotic paradise on earth- Garhwal region

Garhwal region in North India is beautiful and mesmerizing. There are so many beautiful and breathtaking places are there that you need to make multiple trips to visit and enjoy them all. Where the nature is getting destroyed everywhere you can enjoy the closeness with nature in the Garhwal region. If you are planning for a trip to Garhwal then you need to search for different types of holiday packages for Garhwal. You need to check the places that you want to visit and then you need to make your itinerary accordingly. Garhwal has many places that you must visit in a lifetime. Dehradun, Mussoorie, Landour, Auli, Lansdowne, Haridwar and Rishikesh are some of the beautiful places in Garhwal. However, it would be difficult to visit all these places and that is why you need to research a bit before making your itinerary. You can look for different holiday packages for Garhwal on the internet to choose the suitable one from there.

Places to see in Garhwal-

Nanda Devi is the highest peak in India and that is located in the Garhwal region. Apart from that, many temples, sanctuaries and other beautiful places are there. There are many parts in Garhwal that are not yet explored fully and that is why in the remote areas the transportation and accommodation costs are on the higher side. Some of the must visit places in Garhwal are-


Haridwar is a holy town and also the hub of Hindu festivals. It has huge significance to the Hindus as they believe this is the Gateway to God. There are plenty of religious sites and temples in Haridwar. Whether you believe in God or not you must experience the beautiful evening Aarti near the banks of river Ganges in Haridwar. During the festivals the devotees come here from different parts of the world. You can see the cultural richness of India in Haridwar during the festivals.


Rishikesh is one of the most popular pilgrimage places in India. From various parts of the world, thousands of devotees come to Rishikesh every year. The Char Dham Yatra package starts from Rishikesh. There are many dharamshalas and ashram in Rishikesh where the devotees can stay. You will also see different types of yogis there. They teach yoga technique. Some of them visit Rishikesh to meditate in peace. Rishikesh is definitely another religious center in India.


Dehradun is a beautiful city and one of the oldest cities in India. To reach the beautifully Mussoorie, Landour and interiors of Garhwal one needs to pass through Dehradun. That is why this city is also known as the gateway of those places. Bhadraj temple, Assan Barrage and the Kemty Falls are the main attractions in Dehradun.


This is one of the popular hill stations in India. This place is also popularly known as the “Queen of Hills”. Municipal garden, Lal tibba, Gun Hill, Jharipani Fall and Jwalaji Temple are some of the most popular places to visit in Mussoorie. During the winter you can enjoy snowfall here. The serene beauty of Mussoorie has never failed to attract the tourists here.


This is another beautiful and not much explored place in Garhwal. This is an ancient place and Barehipani and Joranda are the two main attractions there. These are two beautiful water showers there. This is a serene place away from the busy city life and you would find the peace here.

You can also visit Auli and Lansdowne in Garhwal region. You will definitely have a great time there.