November 15, 2013

5 Awesome Romantic Locations that you should visit

Some holidays are nowadays completely commercialized and companies that are looking for ways of selling their products and services popularize them. They have become sentimentalism at its best. In addition, you will be busted if you fail to pony up for your wife, fiance, or girlfriend on these days. However, you can outsource your planning to some cupids who have sufficient knowledge about being worn over in the Big Apple if you own the private jet handy or you are visiting New York. New York is an ideal location for your special escape ranging from a Valentine’s Day getaway, honeymoon, to a proposal if you want to plan a romantic vacation. The following is a list of 5 awesome romantic locations to visit in this city if you want a very romantic spot for kissing or proposing.

South Street Seaport
Natives often overlook South Street Seaport even though it is touristy. According to Candace (accent, blonde), it is a lovely place for taking a stroll. The lights of lower Manhattan make the lights to sparkle after the setting of the sun and many places for stealing a smooch are available at the walkway. You can get Valentine’s Day gold by carrying two paper cups and a bottle of bubbly when you visit it.

Bowery Ballroom
This venue that is on the Lower East Side is very good eating if you consider music the food of love. Erin advises that seeing a band that you love as much as your partner does helps in bringing you together like nothing else can. In addition, it is even better and you should cross your fingers for a Warrant reunion if the band in question plays “your song”. Alas, the Citizen Cope, Valentine’s Day concert for the Ballroom is sold out. However, Craigslist is still there. You can still get a score for your romantic exploits because many other acts are available across New York City.

Top of the Empire State Building
The sights from the top of the Empire State Building beat everything if you want an amazing view that will definitely impress you. You are able to see a maximum of 80 miles when the day is clear. However, you get the opportunity to see the glowing city that is below during the night. If you want both worlds to offer you the best, you should think of visiting it in the afternoon.

Silk Day Spa

You will find a wide variety of indulgent packages for pampering yourself and your partner in this exclusive spa, which is an East-meets-West one in Greenwich. The “Urban Vacation” that is specially designed for two features a papaya mango wrap, an eastern massage that uses hot stone and a body scrub. It will allow you to unblock your chi and earn many points at the same time that may pay off much later.

Rockefeller Center
The Ice Rink at the Rock Center is not crowded when the holiday season is over. However, the romance of spending some time to twirl on the ice will still be there. You get a chance to hold hands in order to avoid falling down even if you are not able to skate gracefully.