May 29, 2019

20 Best Spiritual Retreats in the World | Top Meditation Retreats

A vacation that has the power to unite the knots in your Chakras, de-stress your mind, and awaken your soul – Spiritual Retreats pave a way to connect with your inner world. People often confuse mere holidaying with attaining a peaceful state of mind. Ever thought about giving Spiritual Retreats, a chance? An extension to the obvious Yoga retreats, a Spiritual Retreat lets you take the high road towards self-awareness. Grab the opportunity to be a part of the best spiritual retreats at these fabulous 20 destinations:

1. The Maldives


Adorned by the vastness of the Indian Ocean and pristine white sands bedraggling your feet as you cover a distance on a beach, The Maldives gives so much to this world and the travelers. Wondering what spots to head over to in the Maldives? Go for Revive Yoga retreats in Maalhos, Yoga retreats that also include surfing in the beautiful Himmafushi Island or rejuvenating meditation retreats in Hanimaadhoo and learn the art of balancing the chakras, clean eating habits, and special Yoga styles like yin & Yang and Power Yoga.

2. Hawaii


With some of the most amazing beaches in the world, Hawaii has the perfect setting for spiritual as well as meditation retreats. The destination has gorgeous sanctuaries where you can enjoy both flora and the views of the Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is a “dream come true” for Yogis and travelers who seek to enliven their innate powers and connect to their inner worlds at a quieter place. The island of Maui is a popular destination offering popular Spiritual retreats, wherein you can stay and enjoy real Hawaiian food made vegan or vegetarian.

3. India


The birthplace of Yoga & meditation and the soil that has nurtured the gradual growth of the Ayurveda over a span of over 5000 years, India is a place to be for spiritual retreats. Go to any part of the country and you will find a place offering peace, culture, and age-old traditions with a touch of spirituality to it. Rishiskesh, Dharamshala and Haridwar in the north, Assam in the north-east, Goa in the west, and Kerala in the south are some of the best spots to head over to for a perfect spiritual retreat experience. You will find old temples where you can join the Kirtan, and chant prayers as well to get connected to divinity.

4. Indonesia


Another beautiful destination in south-east Asia, Indonesia is one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes to choosing world-class Spiritual retreats. One place in Indonesia that has garnered a lot of attention from travelers for years is Bali, as it offers beach meditation retreats, Yoga retreats, and an opportunity to douse into some spirituality. On the other hand, another town Ubud is famous for adventure activities and some outdoor fun comprising hiking, trekking, and even snorkeling. A culmination of fun and Dhyana in solitude sets the stage for a perfect spiritual retreat.

5. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Boasting of some of the gorgeous sea-shores, sandy bays, and the coconut trees everywhere, Sri Lanka is no less than a dream. Go find yourself amidst the beauty of Ulpotha, and determine your inner strength by trekking the difficult paths of the Galgiriyawa Mountains. What else is there for you here? Sri Lanka shall let you meet and explore the Monks who have been living in caves and temples for years now. Their preaching and life experiences will help you to learn the art of remaining grounded in life and at the same time understand your true life calling. Indeed, spiritual disconnect, in the truest sense.

6. Thailand


heaven for couples, chic destination for solo travelers – Thailand has something for everyone. For people seeking to have the peace, they have been longing to come down to Thailand to be a part of its beach meditation retreats and a number of cultural & spiritual retreats. Travelers feel rejuvenated physically and attain mental composure to handle stress in a proper way. Beaches, world-class Yoga studios, and some old temples where people sit for hours and chant prayers are just about few options you can grab here. One of the most loved places here in Phuket, which represents a blend of modernity and the dated traditions.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

A completely different entity and whole on its own, Costa Rica is an entire country in itself. The natural beauty of this place soothes the soul, kindles the dormant adventurer in you, and pushes you to go within and connect with your higher self. Amidst the beauty of its sunny beaches, pristine white sands, and gorgeous sunsets, your soul and consciousness shall go in a happy union. Trekking in the Inca trail located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Chakra Lodge exploration and amazing weather together brings about a surprising change in your existence.

8. Italy


People often relate to Italy for its delicious cuisine but little do they know that this destination is also a Mecca for health vacationers. Italy is famous for offering some of the best Yoga retreats in the world and experiences awaiting travelers who find spirituality uplifting and positive. Owing to its dated culture and strong traditional roots, Italy is also known worldwide for its exclusive spiritual retreats. You can find retreats in Tuscany or become a part of the Spring Yoga vacations conducted in Lucca starting from April till June. Come and discover the joy in the little things of life by appreciating the beautiful olive trees and some amazing food and wine.

9. Morocco


Globally popular for its souks and mosques, Morocco is also a destination to discover the meaning of life through meditation and spirituality. Everything from witnessing culture in the crowded local markets of Marrakesh, tradition is woven into embroidered souvenirs, dated art blended in pure spices, and beautiful smiles lighting up the faces of people, Morocco will let you experience the beauty of this world in a different way. As you douse your soul into these unforgettable moments, your soul shall free itself from the prolonged strain. You can also go for some adventure in the Atlas region and hike some of the arduous terrains.

10. Cambodia


If you foresee your spiritual development in the simplest of ambience, then Cambodia is the place to be. Lumber towards attaining a balanced life by becoming a part of this beautiful destination and experiencing retreats by immersing your soul into precious Buddhist preaching, bio-rhythms, and splendid bath rituals for complete purification. Become whole in yourself by joining Yoga & spiritual retreats in Angkor Wat, wellness retreats that lets you de-stress on all levels at Phnom Penh and meditation retreats in Siem Riep.

11. Ireland


This island in the North Atlantic is known for its beauty, mountains, and amazing Irish markets. However, this destination is also known for its one-of-a-kind Spiritual retreats, greets & meets at churches & temples, and a lot of religious gatherings at different places. Become a part of unique retreats like neuroscience connection programs in County Sligo, guided tours encompassing the Aran Island and Cliffs of Moher, and few luxury retreats in Craughwell, Galway, and County Wexford.

12. Portugal


Your feet in the sand, walking sun-kissed on a beach, and hearing the soothing gushing sounds of the waves, Portugal is a divine experience in its own way. Often referred to as the California of Europe, Portugal offers a plethora of Spiritual retreats and ways to disconnect from the discord felt in daily life.  The path to reach the higher consciousness begins with meditative walks in Estoril in Lisbon, massage retreats, a culmination of Yoga & adventure in Sintra. You can head towards Porto and Ericeira for restorative Yoga retreats and affordable outdoor activities.

13. Africa


The ‘dark continent’ on the global map brings forth some of the stunning scenic views, an astounding glimpse of a lesser-known culture, and beautiful people. You can find yourself spiritually enlivened and physically composed amidst the beauty of Nicaragua, Egypt, and the culture of Morocco. Each place in Africa has its own personality and therefore, spiritual retreats here vary in type and experience. For instance, Morocco is famous for retreats that offer the experiences of both worlds- adventure and Yoga retreats, you can go surf in Taghazout, meditate in the wilderness in Nicaragua, and go for meditative walks in Kenya.

14. Guatemala


Guatemala is known for beauty, food, and friendly people. The jaw-dropping beauty of Lake Atitlán and the volcanoes is surely a sight to cherish for a lifetime. The exclusive Yoga sessions in Tzununa, and spiritual retreats in San Marcos La Laguna are some of the experiences you cannot afford to miss on. One of the most important events is the Soul Seed Gathering, which is a popular collective festival for women. Guatemala is a place that opens your eyes to new realities and a culture that stays in your heart forever.

15. South Africa

South Africa
South Africa

The Spiritual retreats in South Africa offer a strange yet soothing experience that touches your heart real deep. The fun Safari in the deep woods, camp fire, and meditative walks comes as a bonus. During your spiritual development, you will get to see the beauty of countryside areas in Neiu Bethesda, Karoo in South Africa. On the flipside, you get to meditate on the beautiful beaches of Santa Monica, Nungwi and Nakupenda. Extend the duration of this amazing feeling by participating in some dance therapies conducted here as a part of the retreat program.

16. Greece

Santorini , Greece

A popular travel destination, Greece is also a go-to destination for various wellness retreats as well. A complete Spiritual retreat package in Greece offers Yoga sessions on the islands Crete, Kythira, or Paros, beautiful hike along the amazing pathways and meditative strolling sea-side with family or spouse. The spiritual adventure in Greece shall let you enjoy the amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea as a bonus.

17. Turkey

Famous for its culture, mosques, and old historical sites, Turkey is a perfect and affordable gateway to spiritual growth. This destination has always been on the positive radar of the travelers owing to its mystic cultural history and strange traditions that capture the attention of all.  There are a number of places, such as Dalaman, Fethiye, Aegean, and Ortaca that offers brilliant Spiritual retreats that encompasses Yoga, meditation, Dhyana and prayer sessions. The serene mountainous regions with lush greenery and a plethora of scenic panorama kindle the desire to live life just one more time.

18. Spain


Gone are the days when Spain was known just for a chic lifestyle, modern people, and some good food. The recent times saw a rise in a number of travelers preferring Spain over other European destinations for Yoga & meditation and some wholesome spiritual experiences. For instance, the city of Ibiza is known for some of the world-class spiritual sessions offering Hatha Yoga sessions, a perfect setting to enjoy healthy vegan/vegetarian meals, classes for learning clean eating habits, and meditative walks in the quieter areas of the city.

19. Brazil


When it comes to choosing the best Spiritual retreat destinations, Brazil might not capture your attention at first but it is no less than any of its counterparts. Cities in Brazil, such as Buzios, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Chapada Diamantina are known worldwide for offering exclusive Shamanic healing sessions, meditation classes in nature, and planned Yoga classes as a part of its spiritual giveaway. Moreover, you also get a chance to become a part of the age-old culture and traditions.

20. Japan


The land of the ‘Rising Sun’ is surely a place to start with your spiritual growth and satiating your quest to identify with your true self.  Spiritual retreat sessions at Kyushu Island and in Kyoto offers classes on Jivamukti yoga followed by beautiful hikes in the autumnal forests that and finally some quiet time in the ancient temples. As a part of this whole experience, you can also go for hot spring baths, meet-ups with local priests, attend tea ceremonies, and devour Japanese-style vegetarian meals.

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