August 27, 2014

The Best Blue Italy Beaches that Always Enchant and Enthuse

The coastal rim of Italy is as enthralling as its landslide interior, with almost no difference in terms of excitement triggered in whoever comes to visit it. We all know that an amazing array of coastal attractions adorns the borders of Italy, but do you know that several of these marinas and beaches are designated the Blue Flag status? Well, this designation renders these beaches the most clean and enthralling attractions in the country.


About the Blue Flag

This concept is the Eco award that first started in 1985 in France after which it became a global status to depict a wonderful seaside experience. It is given to beaches across the globe for adhering consistently to high standards of environmental care, great facilities, high water quality, and cleanliness. Tourists are ensured of a well-facilitated area along with wheelchair accessibility. All these beaches adhere to 32 rules and regulations, and that they are assessed prior to every season for best custom experience.

These sandy areas offer a healthy array of amenities such as water sport training, lifeguard protection, sport equipment, local eateries, and free drinking water. Moreover, even the coral reefs and marine life are strictly protected and that a convenient transport system works to and from the beach.

Tuscany Blue Flag Beaches blue flag beach

If a thrilling adventure attracts you the most, the beaches of Tuscany are truly the places worth exploring with the family. So far, only Tuscany it has more than 30 beaches that are given the Blue Flag status, most fantasy ones being in southern Tuscany and along the Campania coastline. The popular ones reside along the coastal provinces of Grosetto, Livorno, Pisa, and Lucca. You can choose any of them to spend your holiday with joy and thrill.

Because of flourishing tourism, you can also easily find some gorgeous accommodation along the shore, including luxury villas and apartments giving you fantastic views of the sea. A visit to any Blue Flag beach along here is sure to enrich your holiday experience!


Cecina and Le Marche Blue Flag Beaches

Two beaches next to the town of Cecina are awarded with this precious status. These beaches offer accurate and complete details about what it indicates to win a Blue Flag award along with the map of facilities and amenities on the site. You can even have a mesmerizing vacation on a few Blue Flag beaches of Le Marche brimming with several other tourist attractions.

Sardinia and Sicily Beaches sardinia beach

These two are perhaps the two biggest islands of the nation. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that they are full of with blissful Blue Flag beaches to explore. These beaches are the best for swimming for a few hours around and snorkeling to gaze at the vibrant marine and coral life. You can even rent a canoe and paddle to have a close-up view of the caves as well as gorges sprinkled on the coastline.

The best Italy family tours are likely to include one or more Blue Flag beaches! Therefore, look for such packages to enrich your seaside experience.