June 10, 2014

This Summer, have Calangute Cake with the Topping of Various Attractions

Also known as the queen of the beaches, the Beach of Calangute has been very popular among the tourists those have visited or are about to visit Goa. The reasons behind this being the characteristics of the beach as well as the attractions near the Calangute beach. As we know that this beach is popular not only to the Indians but also to the visitors from outside the country as this beach provides an awesome atmosphere to relish and enjoy the moment of life to the fullest.

All the enjoyment starts at the beach as the natives have built up a few water sporting activities and, other than that one can get body massage provided by the south Indian ‘massagewallahs’ at a very reasonable price. This place is famous for the enjoyments throughout the day and night life at the beach. The Calangute beach is more a commercial center than a natural beach as a wide number of businesses are growing daily on the sea shore for the sake of public enjoyment. Not only the beach, but also the attractions near the Callangute beach has been popular for numerous reasons and has been providing a considerable share of the economy of the state by generating tourists from across the globe. In order to find out the areas of tourism we can discuss about the attractions near the Callingute beach. They are as follows:calangute-beach-1

  • The Church of St. Alex:: The Church was built in the year 1741 and has been an example of an amazing and terrific architecture consisting of two towers,  beautiful altars and a dome within the church premises transforming the site into a magnificent wonder called the Colva Beach.
  • Kerkar Art Gallery:: This art gallery is one of the very popular sites of the state. It exhibits the paintings as well as sculptures of the artists of the recent time and it also possesses few of the great artistic pieces created in the past. The gallery was named after an eminent artist, Subodh Kerkar.
  • Colva Beach:: One of the oldest beach of Goa, Colva has witnessed the best night parties for last few years. This beach is an attraction to the tourists mainly because of the night life it organizes. Not only that, the tourists get to taste beautiful authentic Goan dishes right here.
  • Medicinal Springs:: The place is beautiful as it is situated along the cashew covered hills. It proves itself to be the most famous picnic spot of the state. The water coming off the springs is believed to be of medicinal use.
  • Baga Retreat House:: Right on the Baga hilltop is situated Baga Retreat House. Once into the site, one can get a classic and an amazing look of the horizon at the Arabian Sea never ends and the village just below the hills. It’s one of the most beautiful attractions near Calangute beach.

These places add as a cherry to the top as the beach of Calangute plays the role of cake. The beach is always crowded and one of the reason behind it being these places. People come from far places to visit, these sites and on their way back, they decide may be staying the night at Calangute. This is of course not obvious, the other way round is also common. The main fact is that once been to Goa, no one can miss visiting these places.