July 31, 2014

Tirupati – The Divine Abode of Lord Venkateshwara

Known to be the richest pilgrimage city in the world, Tirupati is located in the Chittoor district, in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. Situated at the foothills of Tirumala, this town is visited by thousands of pilgrims every day. The Tirumala range is known for being the holy abode of Lord Venkateshwara, who is worshipped as one of the many avatars of Lord Vishnu.lord-tirupati-bali-with-temple

The temple of Lord Venkateshwara, situated in Tirupati is amongst the most popular pilgrimage destinations. This magnificent temple was constructed by the Tamil king Thodaimaan and then renewed by Cholas and, the later Telugu kings. In fact, it is the temple which makes this city renowned across the world. This temple is one of the most visited temples in the world.

Tirupati is the fourth largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It’s not only famous for its temples, but the city also has a fast growing infrastructure which can be counted with expanding the number of BPO, IT, Real Estate and Health industries.  The Tirumala hills located in Tirupati are known to be the second oldest rock mountains in the world. This beautiful temple of Tirupati is showered with various gifts and offerings by the kings of several dynasties.

The city of Tirupati was first established close to Kotturu, which is presently known as the K.T. Road. However, consequently the city was shifted near the temple of Govindaraja Swamy with the temple as the center of the city. Today, the city of Tirupati includes Tiruchanoor, Srinivasamangapuram and Renigunta, etc. If you are planning a visit to Tirupati, then book a tour package through online travel portals such as EaseMyTrip.com, Yatra.com and many more. Read on to know more about the city and popular places to visit while you are here.

Places to See in Tirupatitirumal-venkatesha-big-temple-2

Sri Venkateswara Temple

Sited on the southern banks of Sri Swami Pushkarin, the Sri Venkateswara temple is located on the seventh peak of Tirupati-Balaji Hills and is a popular tourist attraction of Tirupati. This temple is a 12th century Vaishnavite temple and is located about 18 kilometers northwest of Tirupati Balaji. This temple is a beautiful masterpiece of Dravidian architecture with an idol of Lord Venkateswara. As per the ancient Hindu texts, the one who visits Sri Venkateswara temple gets great benefits and prosperity.

Sri Govindrajaswamy Temple

Another popular Sri Govindrajaswamy is amongst most visited temples in the city of Tirupati. This temple has a gateway that is visible from quite a distance. This temple was constructed by Saint Ramanujacharya during 1130 AD. The prominent sanctuaries of this temple are devoted to Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple

Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple

Situated around 3 kilometers north of Tirupati-Balaji, Sri Kapileswaraswami temple is the only temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the locale. This temple’s setting is very picturesque with a waterfall located nearby. The waterfall is known as Kapila Teertham or Alwar Teertham.

Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple

Having the deities (idols) of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, Sri Kodandaramaswami Temple was constructed by a Chola king in the 10th century AD. As per many legends, this temple marks the visit of Lord Rama to Tirupati. The temple of Anjaneyaswami, which is located just opposite to the Sri Kodandaramaswami temple, is a sub-shrine of this temple that is visited by a number of tourists and devotees. Apart from these, Tiruchanur (also known as Alamelumangapuram), Sri Kalyana Venkateswaraswami Temple, Kalyani Dam, Nagalapuram, Kailasakona Waterfalls are some of other famous places which are worth it.

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