November 18, 2016

Top 10 Things to Do in India

Traveling to India is the best choice as you will be able to experience its rich heritage and spiritual side. It is not just about visiting this culturally rich country, but experiencing what different tourist destinations offer and making your trip worthwhile. Thorough this article you will learn about 10 such destinations and things to do in India that will add excitement and fun to your amazing India trip.

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  1. Take a Road Trip from Manali to Leh


The best way to experience the landscapes of Leh is to take a road trip. It is fascinating to see the colors of the landscape change with changing positions of the sun. Beginning your journey from Manali to Leh you will enjoy the ride. Taking the rough terrain on a bike ride with a bunch of your friends will give you an adventure of a challenging ride. The steepest route of mountains and the twists of the road will  give you a head rush.

  1. Enjoy the Royal Lifestyle of Rajasthan Forts


If you are the one fascinated by the royal life and the cultural heritage then Rajasthan is the best place to be. The beautiful forts and majestic palaces will offer you an eyeful of fascination. The beauty of each fort, the architectural style, the design, the murals and the gardens in the vicinity are amazing to look at. To experience the royal life you can lodge in a heritage hotel.

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  1. Ride in Mountain Trains of Ooty


Ooty is well known for the mountain trains that slowly move between the mountains. Going through the natural tunnels and the breezy feeling of the landscape surrounding it will surely fascinate you. Even though the trains are slow, but you will still enjoy taking a trip on one.

  1. Enjoy a Walk in the Tea Gardens of Darjeeling


Darjeeling is well known supplier of tea and known for its beautiful tea gardens as well. A walk in the tea gardens with lush green tea leaves scattered through thousands of square feet will have you amazed. Its scenic beauty and the air full of tea fragrance will have your mesmerised in few minutes. Enjoy taking pictures of tea workers at work or better still pose like one to make it fun.

  1. Take a Hike to the Valley of Flowers


If you are the one who enjoys the natural beauty and exotic flora & fauna then ‘Valley of Flowers’ is the best place to be. Visit Uttarakhand and hike to the valley, experience the pure air filled with fragrance of exotic flowers that are only found at this site in the entire India. You will love the experience that will be almost like living a page out of a beautiful storybook.

  1. Photo Safari at Corbett National Park


A walk in the wild and enjoy a photo safari at Corbett National Park. The thrilling experience amongst the wild animals and coming face-to-face with the king of the jungle is one heck of an experience. The tour is offered for 3 to 11 days, you can choose as per your convenience. A stay at the cottage will give you an experience of living in a jungle. Take the jungle safari on an elephant or in a jeep as per your choice.

  1. Take a Shikara Ride at Exotic Dal Lake


The Dal Lake in Kashmir is bewitching, especially when you travel on a Shikara and take lodging on a House Boat. Experience the serenity and the scenic beauty of the valley that is breathtakingly beautiful. The House Boats carved beautifully with flowers and interiors adorned like a luxury hotel are comfortable.

  1. Enjoy the Avadhi Cuisine at Lucknow


Lucknow is often referred as the culture capital with its history dating back to the Mughal era. The architectural style, the dialect and the lifestyle of people often reflect royalty. Even the Chicken embroidery on clothes is something that is unique and only available in this amazing city. Another thing to watch out for is the ‘Awadhi Cuisine’, the mouthwatering kebabs are a delectable delight that are said to contain 160 spices.

  1. Experience the Biggest Spiritual Gathering at Sangam


Sangam is where the three rivers namely Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati merge and become one. It is a place of religious significance. People often come here for spiritual cleansing and bathing in this holy river. The most amazing site is at the time of Kumbh Mela that is organized every 12 years. A mix of several cultures and people from different backgrounds is what you will see in this mass gathering

  1. Take a Tram Ride in Kolkata


Kolkata, often referred as the ‘City of joy’ is indeed a delight to visit, especially for its tram ride. You will enjoy this as transportation that moves slowly through the narrow streets of the city and yet has its own allure. It is to be noted that this is the only city with Tram Network in India that dates back to 1902. It is definitely one experience to remember.