January 18, 2016


Are you someone who is about to travel to India on a business trip? You might be spending a considerable amount of time in this country while you perform your business activity. Thus, you should make sure that you are on time, healthy and also safe during the whole trip. Here are a few tips for those who are travelling to India on a business trip. 

business trip to india

  1. Pre-book your tickets at least a month or a few weeks before your trip.
  2. Pre-book all amenities like hotel, transportation and others before your trip with the help of any reputed travel agency. If you end up in India without any booking, you might have to walk in and out of hotels to find vacancies and people might hike prices astronomically for a foreigner.
  3. Always choose private or public taxis for transportation. You can enjoy other ways of transportation for fun, but not right before the meeting.
  4. Bring a lot of business cards with you. People would expect you to give them to everyone you meet.
  5. Keep an open mind about the hospitality you receive in India. People always want you to be more comfortable during your visit.
  6. Do not assume that everyone drinks alcohol or eat a meal.
  7. Do not be late for meetings. Many consider that as offensive.
  8. Plan the time of arrival in India. Make sure you do not end up in India at an odd hour making things more complicated.
  9. India is developing in terms of sanitation and cleanliness. This does not mean that you can consume unfiltered water. Always carry a bottle of mineral water or bottled drinking water with a sealed cap. Remember to choose a reliable company while shopping for mineral water.
  10. It is safe to always carry a pack of baby wipes or tissue paper, hand sanitizer and a small roll of paper towel with you.
  11. Eat food in a reliable restaurant and always skips street shops. Not all street shops are bad for your health, but you cannot take chances when you are on a business mission.
  12. If you are planning to tour to India in the monsoon season, check with a doctor to learn about any vaccination. The last thing you want is to end up sick in a foreign country.
  13. Always start an hour early from your place. No matter how close to your destination might be, the morning traffic will bottleneck and you might have to spend hours stuck in traffic.
  14. Learn about basic cultural etiquettes of the country. You are not supposed to initiate the handshake with a female. The Standard greeting is Namaste where you place your palms facing each other, pressed against your chest. There are a lot more etiquettes that you might need to follow. Research about the place of arrival, religion of your receiver and their culture and others.
  15. Learn about the climate at the time of your arrival. Summers are very hot and dehydrating, winters are moderately cool and some places might have heavy showers during rainy season.
  16. You need not wear their traditional dress, but make sure to dress conservatively.
  17. People would stare at you for almost no reason. They are just curious and you need not worry about it.

Last but not least, we understand that you are on a business trip, but, you would regret if you did not visit some tourist attractions nearby. No matter where you are, there would always be a few attractions around you. Research about them and make use of your leisure time.