March 9, 2016

Top Camping Destinations in India

India is a place full of hidden regions and full of treasures. However India is blessed with lots of unexplored places which need exploring and the best way to explore these places is camping. Camping is actually the most felicitous way of exploring any region. It is a kind of adventure which will give you an altogether new experience; away from home under the sky full of stars is in itself a heavenly feel. Further, if you want the best deals which won’t create a hole in your pocket, then you can check out the deals on Below is the list of popular landing place for camping in India, which all the camping lovers should visit for the wonderful experience.

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spiti valley

Spiti Valley

This valley is located high in the Himalaya Mountains and the name Spiti means “The Middle Land” and hence is situated in between India and Tibet. It is a getaway towards the northernmost reaches of the country. This valley is easily accessible and is ideal for camping in the summer time. The most apt months for the camping in this beautiful valley are May and June.

jaisalmer at night


Jaisalmer is also known as golden city of Rajasthan and this place can provide you the best camping experience in the famous sand dunes. It is something unique to wake up with the rising sun in a beautiful aura. Here one can enjoy camel rides because this place is still untouched by modernization. Camping at this place will not only give you a glimpse of desert life, but some unforgettable memories too.   

sonmarg valley camping


This charming place is located in Srinagar. The meaning of Sonamarg is “a meadow of gold” and provides a fabulous backdrop for the campers. Camping in this region provides the breathtaking views of the Himalayas and can surely reputed as eye candy. Here you can breathe the fresh air, which will refresh you and your soul as well. One can here not only enjoy the enticing views, but the campers will also feel therapeutically cured.

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mussoorie camping


This place is very well known place of Uttarakhand and is well connected with Delhi. A lot of people who don’t prefer to go far places visited here for camping experience. Several people have visited here during summers to enjoy camping in the lap of nature.

camping in anjuna goa


This camping destination is situated in Goa and is considered as the ultimate destination will every camper should have gone at least once in the whole life. By camping in this small place one can enjoy the scenic views of the beach and hip hop lifestyle of locals of Goa. While camping at this amazing, exhilarating place one can enjoy the natural beauty of beaches, explore the flea markets and architectural beauty of the churches. Camping at the Goa soil can give you a perfect picture of Goa’s beach parties and Goa’s culture too.

Chandertal Lake camping

Chandertal Lake

Chandertal Lake is also known as “lake of moon” and is located at a high altitude in Lahaul and Spiti Valley. This lake is so charming that it attracts lots of campers every year and is considered as an apt place for camping to delight the senses.