November 22, 2013

Top Tourist Attractions of Sofia

Portraying a charming blend of ancient history and culture, Sofia the stunning capital of Bulgaria is a fascinating holiday destination in the European continent. The city is known to be one of the oldest cities of Europe and thus, is dotted with beautiful museums, ancient attractions and churches, which are waiting to be explored. Right from the scenic mountains, quiet churches, European-style historical and communist monuments to elite restaurants, this city has almost everything to attract a traveler. There is so much to explore, enjoy and relish for a first time traveler that can confuse a first time traveler. If you are one of those, than read on to know about the most popular places which you shouldn’t miss to visit while visiting Sofia.Top Tourist Attractions of Sofia1

Tourist Attractions of Sofia

Mount Vitosha

Beautifully situated at a distance of just 7 miles south of Sofia, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria. It is its location what makes it a favorite spot for world-class experience for several adventure sports like, Skiing, hiking and snowboarding etc. As a matter of fact, it is a year-round destination for domestic as well as outside travelers. Besides the adventure sports, this gigantic mountain range provides jaw-dropping views of the valley and surrounding natural marvels. Also, one must pay a visit to the national park located in the foothills of the mountain which houses a variety of fauna and flora that includes wolves, martens, foxes, deer, wild boars, bears, and several exotic bird species.

Top Tourist Attractions of Sofia2Saint Sofia Church

Established in the 6th century, this magnificent cathedral is the second oldest church of Bulgaria. It may also interest you to know that this city gets its name from this wonderful church. Encircled by tall chestnut trees, this wonderful Eastern Orthodox Church is an architectural marvel in itself. During the Turkish rule this cathedral was converted into a mosque by adding minarets. But, later it got restored as a church when the two 19th century earthquakes destroyed one of the minarets. The Saint Sofia Church is one place where you can find charming history with a long tale with various twists.

National Art Gallery / National Ethnographic Museum / Royal Palace

As they say, the best place to explore any destination’s history is its museum and art galleries. So, in the case of Bulgaria rather Sofia where you can find the collection of everything under one roof here in National Ethnographic Museum and National Art Gallery. Both are beautifully embedded in the old Royal Palace. The National Gallery consists of some superb art-pieces and traditional works by the popular Bulgarian artists from the last two centuries. On the other hand, the National Ethnographic Museum displays exquisite art pieces from the ethno-cultural heritage of the Top Tourist Attractions of Sofia4Bulgarians and other ethnos (who resided on Bulgarian lands). A tour of this museum cum palace will offer you a chance to observe striking collections of clothes, woodcarvings, gold and copper objects, ceramics, fabrics and embroidery, agriculture tools, carpets and ritual objects of the old times.

Apart from theses, the Bojana Church is another very special tourist place in Sofia. Want to visit Sofia? Log on to and get cheapest deals on international flight bookings.