January 28, 2016

Travel Tips and Guide for your trip to Ladakh

A travel destination unlike none in terms of beauty, but less frequently visited due to it being remotely located, Ladakh is one of the biggest tourist attractions of North India. This article talks about Ladakh as a tourist hotspot and a few travel tips a traveller needs to know prior to their vacation in Ladakh.

leh pangong lake

Ladakh, the land with snow capped mountain and clear blue skies is one of the most beautiful places in India. The word of its beauty has spread far and wide that now this region sees tourists from all around the world whole year round. Ladakh’s breathtaking and immaculate landscape showcased in the pictures were enough to start pulling in the crowd, it now does on a regular basis. The region is sparsely populated and is one of the most pristine destinations for a remarkable holiday.


Ladakh is not one of those destinations you can travel on a spontaneous decision. It needs prior planning and you should know what you are getting into if you plan on getting involved in outdoor activities such as trekking as trekking in these terrains are not the same as any other places. You will have to fly in till New Delhi and then further hop on a Delhi to Ladakh taxi to make your way here. Once you have decided on visiting Ladakh, these are a few travel tips that may help you along the way.ladakh bike tour


When it comes to temperature, Ladakh is as cold as it gets. With temperatures dipping to a staggering low of about -30 degrees below freezing level, there is no doubt you will have to pack all the warm clothes you have with you and probably buy a couple. Head to toe must be covered in warm clothes with woolen clothes inside and wind cheaters outside and waterproof shoes if you can get your hands on them.

Language and communicating

The main dialect spoken in Ladakh is Boti. There are various other regional languages and the least common spoken there is English. The locals may know a little Hindi here and there, but there is only a handful of English speaking population. Download the google translator app on your phone. It can be a lifesaver. Literally.

License and Passport

For going in Leh, visitors don’t require passports any form of pass. Then again, all remote voyagers are required to get themselves enrolled at Drass, Serchu and Rumste in the event that they are going through the area. For some limited zones, for example, Tsokar and Pangong Lakes and Tsomoriri, Nubra Valley and Dahanu, vacationers require licenses. It can be gotten from the District Magistrate of Leh through travel specialists.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

With an elevation of about 10,000 ft above the sea level, there is a condition prevalent in this region, which may cause some difficulties to some voyagers. People suffering from heart diseases and hypertension are advised to avoid going to these parts as the higher up you go, the level of oxygen depletes and people start feeling breathlessness and may experience severe palpitation.