January 24, 2017 Travel without burning a hole in your pocket

Travel without burning a hole in your pocket

Travel is often described as an incredible investment that yields returns for life. However, with increasing inflation rates and expensive airlines, it is quite an expensive interest. Countless people bitten by the wanderlust bug find themselves strapped for cash when they’re planning a trip overseas, to the canals of Venice or the rainforests of Brazil. However, a simple solution is at hand for those looking to travel without breaking the bank – a personal loan.

Before you dismiss the idea, hear us out. With a personal loan, you can borrow money from a bank, and pay your debt at a stipulated rate of interest. The best part is that you know exactly how much money you have to spend, and how much interest you will be paying each month, in your EMI. That means that you won’t really overspend, and exceed your budget unnecessarily. A personal loan is an excellent way to travel the world and explore new places, all while getting the best bang for your buck. With countless banks offering personal loans, customers are spoilt for choice. However, one bank that’s perfect for your needs is IndusInd Bank, which offers a personal loan EMI calculator.

A nifty tool, the EMI calculator allows you to calculate the exact EMI amount per month, your total payable amount, and your total payable interest on the principal amount. All you need to do is enter your desired personal loan amount, the loan tenure in months, and the interest rate. Moreover, there are countless benefits of a personal loan, including simple documentation, quick processing and prompt disbursal. Along with these benefits, you can also choose your loan tenure to suit your needs, ranging from a time period between 1 to 5 years, offering you the opportunity to repay the loan at your own pace. However, all of these benefits pale in comparison to the biggest advantage of a personal loan for travel – no collateral! Since personal loans do not require any security, your assets are completely safe. Moreover, this appeals to those of us who do not own any assets, such as a car, or a house, or shares. All of these advantages combined make personal loans an unbeatable option to finance your next big trip.

So, if you’re keen on travelling the world and creating your own adventures, but hesitate when it comes to paying for it, look no further than personal loans with IndusInd Bank!