February 29, 2016

8 Best Things About Traveling Alone

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere far and abstain yourself from the stressers? Just you and you alone? Indeed, our daily routine can make us feel overwhelmed at times. We do the same things every day to the point of exhaustion. What frustrates us the most is when we don’t get to try new exciting things because, again, we are tied with our routinary life. Admit it, you need a break and the best way to break the chain is to travel… alone.

However, if you think that travelling alone would be boring, you’re wrong. There are actually a lot of advantages when you travel alone. To give you some ideas, below are some of the best things about traveling solo.

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You get to do what you want to do


Having a companion may be great, but there are just times that it restricts you from doing what you want to do. What if they don’t like your idea of doing that particular thing since they want to do the other one? As a result, you don’t fully enjoy the travel. However, if you travel alone, you don’t need to ask for permissions to doing the things you want. There will be no travel buddy who tends to limit you from doing those things you should be doing in the first place. You are definitely free to do whatever your heart desires to enjoy the trip.

You can go at your own pace


People have different perspectives when it comes to travelling. Some of us want to do as many activities as we could in a day while some people would prefer doing things one at a time. When you go solo, you own your time. You need not depend or wait for your companion on what you must do and when and where to go next.  

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You get to treat yourself


Sometimes, we travel on a shoestring, with very little extra money with us. This is one of the advantages when you travel by yourself. Ultimately, you can treat yourself as much as you want without worrying about offending other people. Obviously, you definitely won’t buy things for your own here and there without buying something for them, right? It’s a little bit selfish when you do. When you’re alone, you won’t feel guilty about it.

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You become more independent

When travelling companionless, expect to do things on your own. Put simply, it is up to you on how you are going to make your trip worth your time, effort and money. Obviously, this is the time where you can experience your first times in life. Travelling alone would also help you become mature in every aspect of life.

You become more comfortable with yourself

One of the advantages of being an independent traveller is learning how to be comfortable with yourself. You won’t feel awkward sitting alone in a restaurant or going to the restroom without any company. You just don’t care or feel intimidated when you do things on your own.

You find out about your interests

When it’s a me-myself-and-I trip, there are more chances that you’re going to stop whenever there’s something that catches your attention. You have the freedom to be curious and scrutinize things to satiate your curiosity. Surely, this is something which you cannot do when you have a companion. Of course, you don’t want to hold them just to wait for you while you do your thing. It’s very impolite. Moreover, you don’t have to worry if you want to leave or stay and explore more about the place and its people.

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You become more observant

This is one of the many things you should be happy about when you go on your own since you can observe things as much as you want. When you have a companion with you, your attention would be divided between them and can’t focus on the interesting things around you. More often than not, a companion tends to shift your focus and lose the momentum that you are trying to build while looking at things you won’t find in your own country.

You become fearless

Again, you are on your own. That means you should have the courage to do things without any help from your companion. If you get lost, then you have to learn how to ask questions with the locals, instead of giving up and going home. You need to consult the travel guide, map and your phone if you can’t find any physical help. Likewise, you’ll have the courage to learn a new language even just the basic.

Travelling alone is not as bad as you think it is. In fact, this is the time where you will know who you really are and what you want to do in your life. Take some time to stop a while and have a date with yourself. You might not know it, but traveling by yourself is the only thing you need to regain your strength and sanity.